Pride Month 2022: How To Get Ready For Pride Month This June

What are your pride plans? LGBTQ+ month has kicked off with a bang; Jake Daniels has been the first professional football to come out in thirty-two years and the Church…

UK Falls Down Europe’s LGBTQ+ Ranking List

The UK’s lack of reform on conversion practices and gender recognition to blame for the poor international performance For the third year running, the UK has dropped in the ILGA LGBTQ+…

The Evolution of Lynks: In Conversation With Chapter Z

Chapter Z sits down with Lynks to discuss last year’s highlights, realising their identity through their persona and growing up queer.

Terrence Higgins Trust : Freedom to Exist

Chapter Z has partnered with Terrence Higgins Trust this pride to bring you stunning looks and a reason to keep up your activism.

MNEK and Munroe Bergdorf Talk Black Queer Culture on INFORMAL Podcast

MNEK and Munroe Bergdorf have been icons of the British Black queer community for many years and now they have come together to discuss the impact of the culture on a recent podcast episode.

Drag Race and Diversity: Yellow Doesn’t Define Me

Drag Race UK saw conversations about non-binary identities given the loud speaker. Read how we think this translated to young audiences.

Community Spotlight: Colours Youth Network

We chat with Suriya Aisha, co-director of Colours Youth to find out more about their work and how we can support Colours Youth in 2021.

Modern Love & Chronic Singledom

According to a study compiled by the office of National statistics “Around 7 in 10 of the lesbian, gay or bisexual population are single and have never married or registered a civil partnership”. I am one of those 7 out of 10 people who have never settled down, in this piece I explore how past relationships may have impacted my future choices and explore the argument of why people align single life with unhappiness in our LGBTQ+ community.

Can the Alt-Underground Scene Conquer COVID?

Henry Tolley interviews members of the alternative queer scene to discuss how the queer nightlife community can overcome the pandemic.

Fashion East Becomes Fashion Central

Fashion Writer Beca Montenegro reflects on the designers who showed at Fashion East and their masterful storytelling through clothing.