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Taurus Season 2022: Top Self Care Recommendations For This Month

Do you have a Taurus in your life? If you do, then it’s probably not escaped your attention that it’s officially Taurus season. As of April 19th, we are now celebrating the month of the bull, and as such all our Taureans. So, buckle and get ready to learn how to really harness that Taurus energy in 2022.

In this article, we will be telling you what type of energy the Tauruses are bringing to the table this season and the top ways to harness some of their good traits and incorporate them into your daily routines.

The Taurus Energy To Look Out For This Month

It’s no coincidence that the symbol for Taurus is the bull. Known for being stubborn and solid in most of their decisions, you can expect a lot of strong energy through the months of April and May. As well as being clear-minded, this sign is also famous for being grounded, dependable and a big fan of both structure and routine. It’s also important to note that the Taurus sign is ruled by the planet of love, Venus. So, many Tauruses in your life are most likely going to love all things beautiful and pleasurable. 

To round off what energy to expect across the Taurus season, we would recommend trying to slow down, stay grounded and focus on bringing the more beautiful things into your daily life, such as these self-care recommendations. 

Reminding Yourself To Wind Down

As we move away from the fast-paced vibe of the Aries season, we are now replacing the chaos with the calm. As Taurus is an Earth sign, we are swaying towards a more slow and steady pace. This means there is more time to remind ourselves what’s more important to us and focus on those true acts of self-care

To celebrate that classic grounded Taurus energy, why not try putting in a ‘wind down routine’ for yourself in the evening? Taking time to remove yourself from the daily stressors of work, home life or even social events can have a mountain of benefits. For instance, it helps improve your sleep quality, keeps your mood balanced, enhances your creativity, and even improves your overall attention span. Activate that well-known mindful Taurus energy this month and spend some time properly paying attention to your self-care needs.

The Beauty of Bathing

With beauty comes the urge to indulge oneself in it – which for the Taurus season, is highly recommended. If there is something all Tauruses love, it’s being able to indulge in things they love. 

From April 19th to May 20th, spend some time surrounding yourself with things that make you feel happy and at peace. For example, enjoying a long steep in a warm bath is a great way to reconnect with yourself, whilst also being good to both your mind and body. For this Taurus season, don’t feel guilty about spending a little extra time soaking in your tub. 

Be At One With Nature

With this astrological sign having such deep roots in Venus, it’s of no surprise that Tauruses really appreciate spending time in the beauty of nature. For this season, try getting outside more often than normal. That can sometimes be easier said than done with us working so often and also having to fit in other daily tasks, but for the remainder of this month, remember to spend some quality time in nature. Whether that’s taking your normal exercise routine outside, or even enjoying your lunch underneath the spring sun.

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