The Lido Ladies: In Conversation

Does anyone fancy a dip? Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, Brits have had to become accustomed to stay-cations and making the most of the outdoor spaces their towns…

TerraLuna Crash Triggers Mental Health Crisis for Affected Investors

Some of the worst victims of the crash TerraLuna have reported total financial ruin and impending homelessness Trigger warning: suicide Bob gives Alice £100 for a crypto token. The token…

Taurus Season 2022: Top Self Care Recommendations For This Month

Do you have a Taurus in your life? If you do, then it’s probably not escaped your attention that it’s officially Taurus season. As of April 19th, we are now…

NHS Will Soon Offer Therapy Before Prescribing Anti-Depressants

NHS doctors are now set to offer their patients who are experiencing mild to moderate symptoms of depression alternatives to antidepressants.

Defunding the arts devalues our mental health.

Defunding the arts in the UK is certain to have a devastating effect on our country’s collective cultural wealth.

Black People Who Shaped Britain Honoured in Tube Map

Black people who have had an impact on history in Britain have been paid tribute to in an impression of London’s tube map.

Re-Defining Self Care

Re-evaluating what self care means in 2021 and exploring different self care tips to flourish in a post-pandemic world.

Community Spotlight: Black Beetle Health

Read here to find out more about the work Harvey Kennedy Pitt is doing with Black Beetle Health and ways in which to support the charity in 2021.

Mental Health Spotlight: Georgia Dodsworth, Self Care Queen

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A Canary’s Cage: The Eventualities of Coming Out

Join Cassie as she regales us with the heart-warming and heart-wrenching tribulations of coming out as a young trans person.