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Miriam Margolyes Remains True in Her Autobiography

Miriam Continues to Shock in her Memoir

True to her character, Miriam Margolyes has shared her life story in a brutally honest autobiography titled, My Thoughts Exactly. The book, released last month, touches on some sensitive topics, including a fraught relationship with her parents over being a Lesbian.

Miriam came out at the age of 27, a tender age considering the treatment of LGBT+ people in society and in the media at the time. Although many people feel a sense of relief when coming out, Miriam recalls a deep sense of regret. “It was an error,” she said, “It hurt them too much.” The confession becomes more heart-breaking when Miriam shares her belief that the news contributed to her mother’s stroke three months later.

“It was terrible and I was very, very unhappy. I knew I couldn’t change what I was; I was just unhappy that I told them because my relationship with my mother was completely open – we had no secrets from each other,” continued Miriam.

Miriam Margoyles

Miriam from Hello Magazine

One of the few revelations that the BAFTA winning actress missed out of the book, is that Miriam occasionally “struck” her mother while caring for her. Miriam felt ashamed of this time in her life, and so, removed it from her book. In a recent BBC interview, Miriam had a change of heart, and believed that it should be told, because this is the truth. “I didn’t mention something that I should have mentioned,” she said during the Imagine… TV series special. “And that was that I hit my mother when she was paralysed. “Anybody who’s been a carer will know how frustrating and difficult it is, and I let that happen. And I’m deeply ashamed of it.”

The revelation divided many. Some praised her honesty and showed sympathy for those who are struggling with the pressures of everyday life, exacerbated by a political system that doesn’t offer support. Others see it as abuse, pure and simple. Whatever your verdict, as humans we make mistakes and when they inevitably happen, we must take accountability, and Miriam is doing just that.

Miriam Margoyles

Miriam and her mother, Ruth © Mirror

Upon reflecting, Miriam got extremely emotional. Fighting back the tears, she continued, “The thing that really gets to me is that my mother forgave me. I hit her when she was paralysed and she forgave me.”

Over the past couple of years, Miriam Margolyes has cemented her legacy as a national treasure. On an international level, she is known as Mrs Sprout in Harry Potter, while in the UK she is known as a sort of outrageous grandma, appearing on chat shows, such as Graham Norton, talking about “oral sex” and “vaginas.” The common thread to all her appearances, in recent years, is that she is overwhelmingly honest and hilariously funny with it. Such a surprise, then, that Miriam is now dropping down her walls and discussing her deep traumas.

My Thoughts Exactly, is more than just the scandals broadcasted in the tabloids, it’s an inspiring life story of a proud Lesbian, partner of 54 years and friend to many. This book is a collection of funny stories, but it’s also a story of forgiveness and letting go; two age-old lessons that can benefit any life.

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