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An Interview with Just Stop Oil protestor

For the past week, Just Stop Oil activists have been protesting outside parliament. We interviewed one member, Helen Shaw, about the campaign and why it’s so important

Just Stop Oil is a group of activists who are working together to urge the Government to cease new fossil fuel production and recently the association has been making their voices heard across London.

Across the capital, people have mixed opinions about the tactics used by Just Stop Oil. But, if you ask them, it’s necessary action and the only way to make the government listen. So, we spoke with Helen Shaw, a dedicated member of Just Stop Oil to find out more about the movement.

In Conversation with Helen Shaw, a member of Just Stop Oil:

Can you tell us a bit about Just Stop Oil and what the movement stands for?

Just Stop Oil (JSO) is a group that has developed as part of Extinction Rebellion, which aims to persuade the government to stop the extraction and burning of fossil fuels and the further development of fossil fuel sources in the UK (e.g. potential fracking sites). We also want the government to insulate our homes ahead of this winter to reduce energy usage and to improve means of public transport so we can be less reliant on cars as a country. One of the main ideas with JSO is to have very clear, reasonable, achievable demands that the government can’t ignore.

just stop oil movement
© Helen Shaw

Why was it important for you to show up to this protest?

Personally, I got involved with JSO after a talk in Lancaster. Having studied environmental science, I know that the climate crisis is the biggest challenge facing humanity and the current government is nowhere near doing enough to avert this country’s course. For me, not getting involved whilst knowing this would equate to negligence and I’d not be able to live with myself in the future if I didn’t know I had done everything I could. The October actions are a continuous month of civil disobedience involving hundreds, if not thousands, of people from around the country and it was important for me to support everyone else too.

What were the aims/goals of this protest? What do you hope people will take away from it?

The October actions aim to get the government and the general public to wake up and realise the situation we are in. By causing mass disruption, the hope is that people will pay attention to the causes behind the actions. The fact that there are hundreds of people willing to risk their liberty (54 people were arrested last week, including Helen) should mean that the gravity of the situation is understood.

Just Stop Oil
© Helen Shaw

What do the Government and politicians need to do in order to start tackling the climate crisis seriously?

Politicians need to stop all fossil fuel production, invest more in renewable energies, insulate our homes and create a better, more functional public transport system.

What’s your message to those reading this, how can we all do our bit to help tackle climate change?

Everyone can do their bit by joining a local group. Our greatest power is in numbers. Even if people aren’t willing to risk arrest, other roles are available. Financial support is also much appreciated if people are able. Write letters to your MPs, and spread the word.

Just Stop Oil
© Helen Shaw

Actions are planned for the whole of October in London.

You can learn more about Just Stop Oil here. And find your local climate action group here

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Dip a Day this October with Surfers Against Sewage

This October, hundreds of people up and down the country are taking the plunge and committing to a cold daily dip to raise funds and protect our oceans.


Our oceans are the beating heart of our planet, without them we simply will not survive. Surfers Against Sewage are a charity committed to protecting, preserving and cleaning up our oceans whilst also educating people on sea safety and how best to protect the water that surrounds us; “We create Ocean Activists everywhere 🌊 Thriving ocean, thriving people.”


Next month, people up and down the country are raising vital funds to support Surfers Against Sewage and the incredible work they do. Whether it’s a shower, ice bath, lido, local beach or river, anyone can get involved in this challenge. By taking a dip in cold water every day, not only will you be raising money, you’ll also boost your well-being! With stacks of evidence to suggest cold water immersion has tons of benefits to both your physical and mental health, what’s not to love?


If you’re interested in taking the plunge, it’s super easy to get involved. You just sign up, fill in your details and your fundraising page will be set up for you. Then all you need to do is ask people to sponsor you and complete your challenge.


All the information you need can be found on the Surfers Against Sewage website

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One Young World Summit: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Return to U.K

The One Young World Summit works with leaders across the world to tackle climate change and inspire climate action

The Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle (41) has been a Counsellor of the One Young World Summit in Manchester since 2014. In particular, Markle served as the keynote speaker for the event and opened up about her experiences during other summits in past years. The Duke and the Duchess returned to the U.K to take the stage of the summit last Monday. 

This is their first joint work visiting England since they returned from their senior royal roles in March 2020. They travelled to the Northern city by train from London Euston.  Their last appearance in the UK was for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in June. During this visit, they introduced their daughter Lilibet Diana (1) to Queen and grandfather Prince Charles (73).

Markle reportedly wore a scarlet £471 Another Tomorrow blouse and £541wide-legged trousers when she arrived at Bridgewater Hall alongside the Duke.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry at the One Young World Summit
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry at the One Young World Summit © Getty Images

Earlier in the day, the couple participated in a private round table on gender equality. Meghan Markle attended the One Young World Opening Ceremony in 2019 at the Royal Albert Hall. She also hosted another roundtable for gender equality activists at Windsor Castle. The event brought together leaders from 190 countries and marked Meghan’s first in-person speech on the matter of gender equality since she quit as a senior working royal.

One Young World is a forum working with young leaders in all countries and joining forces with companies, civil society, and people on the frontline of climate change to inspire climate action worldwide. Since its launch, the organization has grown to an impressive network of 13,700 ambassadors and has impacted an estimated 35.8 million people worldwide. 

During her speech, she stated how in 2014, she was “young, ambitious and advocating for the things I deeply believed in. And also looking around and wondering how on Earth did I get here?” She motivated the audience to reflect on their opportunities, surrounded by world leaders, humanitarians, prime ministers and activists. She shared how she was thrilled that her husband could join her at the time, and the royal couple shared romantic moments by holding hands throughout their time in public. Markle thanked the audience and declared the 2022 One Young World Summit officially open.

A spokesperson for the couple stated that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are delighted to visit several charities close to their hearts in early September.

You can find more information on their endeavours here.