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Raise your vibrations

We’ve all heard of Brown Girl Magic, But have you yet tried it?

These brands are shaking up the wellness space, one vibration at a time. They’re healing you inside out naturally. 


Created as a passion project, Vyroa aims to combine the realms of wellness and energetic medicine, two areas that founder Yasmin Sewell holds dear. By incorporating ingredients known to elevate inner vibrations and purposefully infusing scents, Vyroa strives to enhance energy and actively contribute to individuals’ healing journeys. If you seek a wellness routine with a deeper sense of intention, Vyroa is undoubtedly a brand worth exploring.

Heritage Apothecary 

Heritage Apothecary is dedicated to assisting you in your quest to embody the most authentic version of yourself. To help you transcend your energetic blocks and return to alignment by cleansing your body and space.  

 Whether you seek a greater sense of tranquility in your living environment, liberation from detrimental self-dialogue, the severance of energy-draining attachments, or the cultivation of a serene and balanced space, Heritage Apothecary has thoughtfully assembled offerings designed to cater to your needs. 


Driven by the mission to create and spread beauty, Glacce offers crystal-infused bottles that not only hydrate but also promote inner healing. With a firm belief in the ability of crystals to store intentions, Glacce provides products that amplify your manifestations. Beyond harnessing the power of crystal energy and crystal elixirs, the design of their bottles serves as talismans, gently reminding you of your intentions throughout the day and aiding in redirecting your thoughts to a positive wavelength. If you’re seeking to enhance your hydration routine, Glacce is certainly a go-to brand.

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