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Sister Sister: Stylish and from the same mister

Fashion loves a sister pairing. If you’re famous and have a sister, they will always be brought into the picture. Does Pippa Middleton sound familiar? During William and Kate’s wedding, what Pippa was wearing, doing and seeing were all big topics of conversation and painted as a contrast to Kate. 

Now let me introduce; Sasha & Malia Obama, the next duo of sisters that fashion needs to take cues from. Their surname says it all, but being the daughters of the 44th president of the United States, and first black president, means they have been the focus of media attention for most of their childhood. Now as adults and out of the white house, we’re really seeing the personalities come out in their style. Their additional status as nepotism babies also makes their styles very influential in the cultural zeitgeist. 

Moving from the east to the west coast, the two have embraced a more casual style perfect for California weather. The sisters’ styles epitomise California Gen Z style, not too different from the SoCal fashion influencers on your for you page. These girls definitely have the potential to be the newest additions to the style circuit for Gen Z.

After graduating Harvard, Malia has gotten her first job as a screenwriter for the TV series Swarm. Working in media her style is casual yet chic, with denim jeans, jorts and hoodies as recurring staples. Paired with tote bags, birkenstocks and sunglasses. Perfect for those late nights writing and brainstorming sessions. She wears her hair generally long in blonde & brown micro braids and or goddess braids. A style that has seen a lot of popularity on TikTok. When she’s not in her casual attire, she’s in crop tops, waistcoats, flowy trousers and combat boots. She plays with a lot of textures like leather and linen to elevate her outfits. Malia is a perfect example of 20 something women figuring out their style as they mature. 

Sasha in contrast is much more trendy and leans boho adjacent. It makes sense as she’s just graduated USC, a time where you have the ability to experiment with your style. Baggy denim, tube tops, maxi skirts, cottage core-esque dresses and lots of jewellery, in the same vein as other style icons like Bella Hadid. Colourful, maximalist and print heavy, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was already on your pinterest boards. Her hair these days is generally dark in loose waves, and she has been seen having the front two strands bleached. A style that everyone and their mother was trying in the pandemic.

I can see both sisters joining the ranks of other it-girls like the Hadids and Olsen Twins. Their style is of their time and their Gen Z peers and their lack of social media presence aligns with the traditional untouchable it-girl archetype. However being young black women, they don’t have many peers that are like them and they’re reinventing the definition through their work ethic by beating the criticism of nepo babies not working for their success. Setting a standard for future nepo babies, that even with daddy’s money and connection, you still have to do something worthwhile to achieve it-status.

By: Cyntheiah Siva

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