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Charlotte Tilbury’s Historic Milestone Partnership with Formula 1

In a groundbreaking move for both the beauty and motorsport industries, Charlotte Tilbury has made history by becoming the first female-founded brand to sponsor Formula 1. This collaboration marks a significant moment in a traditionally male-dominated world of racing. As the beauty brand aligns with one of the most prestigious and globally recognised racing series, the collaboration is a shift towards greater inclusivity and diversity within Formula 1. 

The partnership will be with the F1 Academy, with aims to encourage an increase in female involvement within the motorsport industry. 40% of F1 fans are female. However only 7% of drivers at formula level are women and only 4% of these women compete at top level. Charlotte Tilbury and the F1 Academy set up this partnership to bridge the gap.

 ‘My brand was created for everyone, everywhere, and as a female founder I’m thrilled that we’re the first ever beauty brand to support these powerhouse drivers through our partnership with the F1 Academy. Charlotte Tilbury.

Formula 1
Source: X @rodinmotorsport

As part of announcing their launch, car manufacturer Rodin Cars, have gotten the Charlotte Tilbury signature makeover.

It has been over 30 years since a woman last entered a Formula 1 Grand Prix, but the last woman who actually competed in a race was Lella Lombardi in 1976. Over 900 drivers have competed in F1 races since the formula’s inception in 1950, and only two of these are women: Lombardi, and Maria Teresa de Filippis in 1958-9. Lella Lombardi remains the only woman to ever score in a Formula 1 race, receiving half a point in the 1975 Spanish Grand Prix.

One of the main reasons why there is such a lack of female presence in the world of Formula 1 is lack of opportunities. Women find it much harder to find sponsors or teams that would take a chance on them and train them from a young age. The F1 Academy and Charlotte Tilbury partnership will set out to promote and increase female participation in motorsport both on and off the track. Charlotte Tilbury will be using its global platform to showcase F1 Academy’s current drivers, shine a light on their incredible achievements, generate more awareness about the opportunities available to women in motorsports and inspire more women to explore motorsport. 

Formula 1


For a sport that is constantly striving for the newest and most progressive innovations, it is important that they are being progressive on all fronts and not just regarding faster race times. The data already shows that women have a huge interest in the sport so it is important that they utilize this data to create strategies to invest and grow this audience both as participants and viewers.

By: Subomi Odanye

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