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Libra Season: Create Balance In Your Relationship

Libra season is upon us friends, and with it, the call to get our lives and loves back in balance!

Libra is the sign of the scales and it is all about the balancing act of life. This season is urging us to ask ourselves, where in our love lives are things a little out of whack? If you are feeling like there are places in your current (or even past relationships) where things are not exactly equal, or not quite adding up, then it’s a great time to even those scales and get things back in balance. Here is a simple 3 Step Plan to take advantage of Libra season and do exactly that!

1. Take Inventory

libra season


So often in our relationships, we fall into roles and patterns. We are the caretaker, the breadwinner, the homemaker, the emotional supporter, etc. But sometimes, these roles and titles aren’t always the healthiest for us or the relationship. Relationships are a team effort and to make them successful both people within them have to carry their own share.

Now to be fair, of course, there will be times along the way when one partner will need a little more support than the other. Someone loses a job, someone gets sick, some major life occurrence happens, and one partner might need to help the other one out a little more. That’s understandable. That’s life. But, when the relationship was set up that way, or the period of assistance goes on longer than is healthy or becomes a habit,  then it’s time to make some changes. And there’s no time like the present!

So, take some time with yourself and your partner to figure out how the relationship is divvied up. Is one person always responsible for the money, the household chores, or emotional support? And, take a look back at past relationships while you’re at it, are you able to see any patterns? For example, do you feel like you are always the one carrying the financial burden? Or are you always the shoulder to cry on? Now is the time to take a good long, look at those patterns and how you feel around them, in both current and past relationships. If something feels out of balance, then it’s time to move on to step number 2!

2. Talk It Out

Libra Season


On an additional note, Venus, the planet of love is also currently in Libra, which is very supportive of harmony and balance in relationships. So it’s a great season to work out any differences that may be springing up. After you and your partner have taken inventory, talk it out! Does someone need to pick up a few more chores around the house? Is someone needing to take on a little more of the financial load?

Or maybe it’s a problem of a bigger scale, like one person always feels like the emotional supporter, but doesn’t feel they get the same in return. Now is the time to diplomatically, kindly but very honestly talk to your partner about your needs in the relationship. If you hate doing the dishes and it ruins your whole night, be honest about that. Maybe your partner will be open to a swap or investing in a dishwasher. You never know what solutions you can find until you ask! It could actually be a relatively simple fix.

And, if it’s not, that’s ok too. Sometimes relationships take us rolling up our sleeves and doing some hard work, and that can look like therapy, couples or individual, picking up some extra hours at work, or learning how to say no to outside commitments that take away from the relationship. All of these solutions may feel overwhelming at first but for the health of you and your relationship, they will be totally worth it!

3. Take Action

Libra Season


So now that you know your plan, it’s time to take action. Figure out the best ways to take that first step, then do it! We mean, a plan without action is pretty meaningless, don’t ya think? So how can you start today and put that plan into motion? Is it making a therapist appointment, pricing dishwashers, pulling out the want-ads(or LinkedIn these days) or even just telling your partner how much you appreciate them? Use all of those Virgo tools and tricks we learned from last season and put that plan into action. Make a list, make a call, whatever it is, take that first step, today. You (and your partner) will be so glad you did!

Going through these steps successfully not only helps get things into balance, but it can also create trust. When you collaborate and work out a problem as a couple it builds communication and conflict resolution skills and helps create a strong and yes balanced, foundation for the relationship. It also creates a sense that no matter what problems come your way as a couple, you will be able to work through them. So take the calm, balancing energy of Libra season, and use it (and these three steps) to your advantage!


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