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What is Leo Season? Here’s Everything You Can Expect

With July well underway, it can only mean one thing: it’s Leo season, baby! 

What and When is Leo Season?

To update anyone who may not know, Leo season runs from July 22nd to August 22nd every year and, at its core, the season is all about that main character energy. Leo is a fire sign and those with this Zodiac sign are known for being bold, confident and authoritative (basically, they aren’t afraid to speak their minds and make sure their voice is heard.)

During the coming month, while the sun is in its natural home of Leo, this time should be used to inject a little fire into your life! Whether that’s something as small as getting a new haircut or finally asking your boss for the promotion you should have gotten six months ago – there’s no time like the present to pull your shoulders back and strut your stuff. With the opening of the Lion’s gate portal on the 8th of August, use the powerful energy this creates to manifest and invite positivity into your life.

Obviously, the fire signs will be the ones that feel the most energy in Leo season but what about the others?

Leo Season

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Find out what you can expect from this spicy season depending on your star sign


Leo season is sure to amp up the passions and pleasures in your life, Aries. And, while new opportunities may present themselves to you during this time, it’s also important to prioritise your peace and quiet in order to keep yourself balanced.


So, you’ve been on the go a lot lately, Taurus? This time of year can be great for you if you want to keep that momentum going, thanks to Mars being in your sign for most of the month. But, it’s also a good time to embrace your inner couch potato. You may be inspired to let the fire of the season spur you on and if so, that’s great, just don’t burn out and remember to keep your mental health in check.


This season is all about passion for the Gemini babies and it’s a great time to prioritise spending time with friends and family. Let Leo season help you to embrace your inner boldness and most of all, have fun!


While the rest of the signs may feel like they’re going 100 miles a minute this season, the universe is telling you to slow down, Cancer. Venus, the planet of the home, is in your sign until August 12th, so it’s a great time to put your energy into making your home and mind extra cosy and just chilling out.

Zodiac signs

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Leo season is potentially a stressful time for Virgos, especially when it comes to interactions and relationships with others. So, now is a good time to focus on introspection. Try meditating or switching your phone off for a while and bring back some stability into your life, you’ll gain a lot from doing so.


This Leo season is all about sociability for the Libras out there. You may find that more is being demanded of you from others this season and you can either take this on and create a packed schedule, or you can slam the breaks and put yourself first. It’s in your hands, so don’t let others pressure you.


This time of the year is all about being bold and taking risks for the Scorpios, whether that’s in your personal or professional life. You may come face-to-face with situations that make you uncomfortable within the coming month but remember, everything happens for a reason and obstacles only make you stronger.


The word this season for Sagittarius is travel. Leo season is known for supercharging your boldness and embracing your free spirit, so you might be itching to go somewhere extra exotic or a little off the beaten track and this is a great time to do so. However, your ruling planet goes into retrograde on July 29th which may cause some disruption but fear not, all it takes is a bit of patience. 

Zodiac Signs

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Balancing boundaries that protect yourself and inviting others into your space can be challenging and now is a good time for Capricorns to practice this. Things could get emotional for you this month, so it’s important to know when to lean on others and when to look inwards for strength. 


Aquarius signs are so used to standing up for others but now is a great time to stand up for yourself. Have fun and take some risks because when you are unapologetically yourself, it will draw people to you and give you a buzz of energy like never before!


This month is a good time for organisation for the Pisces out there. You may feel as though your head has been a little all over the place recently but you can expect things to get back on track soon, bringing about positive changes.

So to all the lions out there, use this time to roar and for all of the other star signs, take the bold energy created by the season to expand your horizons and make your voice heard.


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