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Top 10 Most Popular Legends in Apex Legends: Pick Rates and More

Top 10 Most Popular Legends in Apex Legends: Pick Rates and More




Apex Legends Season 11 was released on November 2nd, 2021 – so we’ve had enough time to analyse the pick rates of the most popular legends in Season 11 Battle Royale. It’s been smooth sailing so far, with nowhere as many server problems as Season 10 did. 

This time, there are 19 legends to choose from, a whopping 11 more than when Apex Legends had just started out back in March 2019. 

Since Respawn Entertainment hasn’t released official data on pick rates, we’ve had to rely on third-party tracking. Players above level 10 who are logged into their Steam accounts — amassing a database of 7.2 million players (more than enough to track pick rate trends!)

Let’s take a look at which legends seem to be the most popular among players this season. Let us know how popular or unpopular your Legend choice is and how it compares to the pick rate stats!


Apex Legends Season 11 Pick Rates

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Here are the most latest stats on Apex Legends Season 11 pick rates as of November 18th, 2021. 


10. Loba 4.2%

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Just making it into the top 10, we have Loba, a crazy strong legend who is a decently popular pick amongst players. Loba, the Colombian heiress is a super useful legend to have on a team since her skill “Black Market” grants players access to the best loot on different regions of the map. A great tactical advantage to gather loot in Stormpoint, it’s easy to see why Loba is at rank 10. 


9. Horizon 4.3%

Image via Respawn Entertainment

At 4.3%, Horizon is only slightly more popular than Loba in Rank 9. With an average play rank of Silver 1, Horizon is a very versatile legend — but it definitely takes some skill to play Horizon for competitive leverage. 


8. Bangalore 4.6%

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Bangalore tends to be in the top 10 for most seasons of Apex Legends. Her popularity can be attributed to the fact that she was one of the first unlocked players back in 2019, and she’s one of the few players that have a short learning curve to play with abilities that are super valuable to any team. 


7. Lifeline 5.6%

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Lifeline does justice to her name as the medic of choice since Season 0. She’s one of the most popular legend choices, 5.6% of the time at Rank 7. 


6. Valkyrie 6.6% 

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The reason why Valkyrie is at rank 6 with a pick rate of 6.6% is her unique leverage in the Season 11 Stormpoint map. Valkyrie has jump tower abilities to discover enemy positions – definitely a useful addition to any team. 


5. Pathfinder 8.4%

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Lovable and gruesome robot Pathfinder is a super popular choice, coming in at Rank 5 in the top 5 with a pick rate of 8.4%. His unique grapple movement abilities are huge leverage. 


4. Bloodhound 9.1% 

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Whether you need Recon or assault abilities, Bloodhound is a versatile pick, coming in at Rank 4 with a 9.1% pick rate. Bloodhound is also a popular pick with his Norse mythology lore and signature raven on his shoulder. 


3. Wraith 10.5%

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Season 11 didn’t change the fact that Wraith has always been in the Top 3, as one of the most well-known characters to choose from since Season 0 in 2019. 

Her tactical abilities make it difficult to pin down, and she somehow escapes every sticky situation. 


2. Octane 11.4%

Image via Respawn Entertainment

We may not have seen Octane’s real face (unless you’ve got your hands on Pathfinder’s Quest), but he’s at Rank 2 with a high pick rate of 11.4%. Octane is super-fast, super-aggressive, and one of the most fun games to play. With how competitive and challenging the Apex matchmaking has gotten, we all need a fun legend like Octane to play. 


1. Ash 13.4%

Image via Respawn Entertainment

We finally come to Numero Uno, Ash at Rank 1 with a 13.4% pick rate. It’s really no surprise that everyone wants to play Ash, the Season 11 special unlocked Legend. Although she’s super fun to play (deadly projectiles pretty much won us over), she does present a steep learning curve to really master her movements.


The rest of the Apex Legends

We’ve only spoken about the Top 10 Apex Legends according to their pick rates, which makes them the most popular choice, but by no means the best legends with the most tactical advantage. 

There are some great legends that didn’t make the popularity rank but are still pretty kickass – namely Mirage, Fuse, and Seer. Loved reading about pick rates? Check out the pick rates of Valorant Agents.

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