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What’s New in Rocket League Season 5?

What’s New in Rocket League Season 5?


Image via Psyonix


Rocket League is super chaotic, super addictive, and best of all — free to play. It may not be your all-time favourite game, but we’re willing to bet you’re excited for Season 5. Season 5 is bound to bring some exciting new updates and a brand new theme, following suit with the previous seasons. Season 4 was starting to get slightly monotonous, so this is a welcome release. 

We’re expecting some great quality of life updates apart from a new theme, a whole new arena, and a special rocket pass that unlocks this season’s Nexus. Here’s everything we know so far about Rocket League Season 5:


Rocket League Season 5 Release Date

Rocket League Season 5 will release on November 15th, 2021. While the exact time hasn’t been announced, it’s reasonable to expect Psyonix to follow suit with the previous season releases at 8 am PDT / 11 am EST / 4 pm GMT.

Season 5 is free to download as an update on virtually all platforms. 


What’s New in Rocket League Season 5? 

Image via Psyonix

Rocket League Season 5 has a new futuristic cosmic space theme and the old arena is now ‘Starbase Arc AFTERMATH’. Judging from the trailer, the entire arena and visuals have a massive overhaul in the new sci-fi theme, which definitely adds some excitement to the old game. If you already own a Premium Rocket Pass, you automatically own the new futuristic Nexus car (or if you decide to purchase it while downloading Season 5). 

But the updates aren’t just visuals: Hyperspace Animated Decal brings a different car speed mechanism with Goal Explosion and other cool new features. 


Season 5 Competitive Mode

Image via Psyonix

Season 5 also brings a new competitive season with a lot of changes lined up. So if you’re one of the Rocket League players that top the leader boards, everything is reset. Season 4’s high score rewards haven’t been announced and distributed to winners yet, but we’re expecting this to happen almost immediately after Season 5’s release on November 17th. 

According to your rank in Season 4, you’ll get brand new awards once you start playing the new season. The awards will be ranging from Bronze Wheels to SuperSonic Legend Wheels. You’ll also receive rewards for the skill tiers below your highest rank. For example: if you’re in Gold, you get to enjoy Bronze and Silver rewards as well. 


Rocket League Season 5 X Grimes

The new season will be coming out with some Canadian music. A special version of Canadian music artist Grimes’ song ‘Player of Games’ features in the trailer as well as the game, amping up the cosmic sci-fi thematic experience. 

The new music collaboration with Claire Boucher AKA Grimes is another aspect of Season 5 to look forward to.


Rocket League Season 5 Trailer 


Rocket League’s Season 5 trailer sets the scene for a super cosmic galactic football championship – making fans do a double-take to check if this is really a Rocket League trailer. 

The trailer is almost as chaotic as the game itself, with a spaceship ‘jumping’ out of nowhere. The new Nexus car is made carefully amidst what looks like a galactic battle arena. Not to worry – the Nexus is unscathed, and we catch a quick glimpse of the new Starbase Arc Aftermath arena. 


New Mode: Heatseeker Ricochet

Image via Psyonix

With a mode even cooler than its name: Heatseeker Ricochet is an awesome twist to the classic car football game. When you’re playing in this mode, every deflection gets the ball to move even quicker towards your opponent’s goal. Sounds easier, but the game can get even more fast-paced than before, definitely getting every player to hang off the edge of their seat. 

However, it’s not going to be live for long, the Limited-time mode will probably be available for about a week. 

Psyonix has revealed that Heatseeker Ricochet implements some of the top player modes from before: Barricade, Colossus, and Hourglass. 
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