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All you need to know about the qualified teams for VALORANT Champions 2021

All you need to know about the qualified teams for VALORANT Champions 2021



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As qualified teams prepare for the upcoming Valorant Champions 2021, the Valorant Champions Tour has entered its final stage. The VCT is a three-stage series of Challengers and Masters events in which teams from all around the world compete to determine the best Valorant squad.

Teams have been accumulating Circuit Points in their regional tables throughout the year based on their results in the Challengers and Masters. Valorant Champions 2021 has some of the best teams qualified from each regional Circuit Point. The following are the qualified teams:

Valorant Champions Qualified Teams

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North America (NA)


 Sentinels won the Masters: Reykjavk competition by defeating Fnatic 3-0 in the Grand Finals, gaining 400 points, and putting them far ahead of any other North American team.

 Fans who had high hopes for them to win the Champions League were disappointed by their performance in Berlin. As they Lost 2- 0 to G2 and a rival NA team Envy.


 They surprised many by defeating Sentinels in the quarterfinals, but they did so 2-0 and didn’t lose another map until the grand final. Their effort at Masters: Berlin was outstanding, as they advanced to the grand final after defeating 100 thieves in the semifinals and finishing second in the NA rankings.

The NA Last Chance Qualifier was supposed to end on October 17, but it’s now been pushed out to undisclosed dates. 


Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA)

Gambit Esports

Gambit Esports defeated Team Envy in the Valorant Masters: Berlin grand finals to win the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) Stage 3 Championship and earn a spot in the world championships. They are being considered the top seed in the championship and speculated by many to win.


Acend did not advance far in Masters: Berlin, although they did earn enough Circuit points to qualify. Acend’s quarter-final performance at Masters Berlin was just enough to get the EU team to Champions and beat the regional competition Fnatic (350) and G2 Esports (360) with 375 points.


Despite not being able to qualify for Masters: Berlin. Fnatic’s performance in Reykjavik gave them enough points to qualify for the Champions. Fnatic would not have qualified for Champions if Gambit had lost in the grand final at Masters: Berlin. However, due to Gambit’s victory in the event, EMEA was given an additional slot at Champions.

Team Liquid

After winning the EMEA Last Chance Qualifier, Team Liquid has qualified for Valorant Champions, the pinnacle of Valorant esports. After Kryptix took a break for personal reasons, Nivera was brought in a few weeks ago and delivered a top-notch performance throughout the tournament. 

Liquid dominated their LCQ matchups, going 2-0 against One Bonereadth Gaming and Guild Esports in the Upper Bracket Quarterfinals and Semifinals, respectively. In the upper finals, they defeated G2 Esports 2-1. The Grand Final was a roller coaster ride; Liquid lost the first map 5-13 but recovered in the subsequent matches. 

Southeast Asia (SEA)

X10 Esports

X10 failed to get into Masters: Berlin, although they did manage to top the SEA rankings with enough points. Over the year, the Thai team amassed 295 circuit points by playing in previous Masters tournaments and regional Challengers.

Team Secret

Despite not being able to play at Masters: Berlin, the team formerly known as Bren Esports was able to earn enough points to qualify for the Champions. In terms of circuit points, they were tied with Paper Rex but ended up taking the spot because of their winning streak against them in regional playoffs


FULL SENSE The APAC region’s last slot was taken by a squad that hasn’t competed in any of the big events this year. In their top brackets, FULL SENSE and Northeption both won. The two squared battled in the Upper Bracket Finals, with Full Sense coming up short 2-1. They defeated DAMWON Gaming 2-0 in the lower bracket final, then flipped the script by beating Northeption in the Grand Finale.

Brazil (BR)

Team Vikings

Despite missing out on the opportunity to play in Masters: Berlin. Vikings were able to acquire enough points to outscore any other team in the area by more than 100 points. Scoring 100 points at Stage 1 Masters, 200 points at Masters: Reykjavík, and 50 points at their Challengers 3 regional playoff they finished at Brazil’s top spot.

Vivo Keyd

With 225 circuit points, the squad just edged out Shark Esports (215) and Haven Liberty (210). The difference between Vivo Keyd and Havan Liberty was that Vivo defeated ZETA DIVISION. Although, Havan Liberty was unable to defeat Crazy Raccoon in the Masters: Berlin.

FURIA Esports

FURIA qualified for Valorant Champions by winning the VCT SA LCQ tournament. They defeated Australs 3-0 to take the last slot in the South American region. With almost 200 kills apiece, their players Khalil, Nowzerr, and Xand finished the event as the top three fraggers.

Latin America (LATAM)

KRÜ Esports

Beating the second-place team in the region Six Karma by almost 300 points KRÜ Esports really earned their place in the Champions. The squad collected 450 points by winning Challengers Stages Two and Three LATAM and qualifying for both Masters: Reykjavik and the bracket stage of Masters: Berlin.

Korea (KR)

Vision Strikers

Just narrowly edging out NUTURN Gaming by only 5 points! Vision Strikers were one of the favorites heading into Masters: Berlin and they did rather well being the sole representative of the region at Champions.

Japan (JP)

Crazy Raccoon

They managed to overcome ZETA DIVISION(305) by a significant margin while being one of the most consistent teams throughout the Masters. Their 475 total points were more than enough to sweep the competition in the area. Making them the only team from Japan to qualify.

The Valorant Champions 2021 is stated to take place in Berlin in December. With the top 16 teams from across the world and across all Circuit Point areas competing for the title of greatest Valorant team. It will undoubtedly be thrilling to see all of these teams compete against one another. What are your predictions? Let us know in the comments below.

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