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World’s Most Expensive NFT Has Been Released

World’s Most Expensive NFT Has Been Released


“Did They See My Crown” NFT musical is the most expensive NFT-ever and only offers of $70 million or more will be accepted.


The world’s first – and most expensive – NFT, “Did They See My Crown,” including metaverse, music, video, set designs, animations, a social media interface and more, is now available on the NFT marketplace OpenSea.

The musical “Did They See My Crown” was created by a new type of artist, Vatican Dolls, who completed the show in October after working on it for 17 years and describes it as a brand-new type of world-class entertainment. Vatican Dolls identifies as a brother-sister duo, which is reflected by his male and female vocals in the musical’s 17 songs.

Vatican Dolls is a classically trained painter, graphic artist and musician, as well as a published author from a major publishing house. “Did They See My Crown” is the world’s most expensive NFT and always will be. Offers below the current maximum of approximately $70 million will be rejected and resales of the NFT only permitted when the selling price exceeds that of history’s previously most expensive NFT.

The “Did They See My Crown” NFT includes the 17 songs and a 150-page libretto and has an estimated running time of two hours and fifty-two minutes. Unlike most Broadway shows, it is not an adaptation, historic work, parody, anthology, sequel, revue or jukebox musical, but a brand-new original for our times and will appeal to audiences that traditionally don’t watch musicals. “It’s an original thriller as exciting as any ‘Matrix,’ ‘Stars Wars’ or Bond movie created for you and your time,” Vatican Dolls said.

Vatican Dolls called “Did They See My Crown” history’s first true “Gesamtkunstwerk,” a total work of art created by one artist. Vatican Dolls composed, arranged and performed all 17 songs; wrote and sang all lyrics; wrote the story and libretto; created all sets, videos and 2D/3D animations; designed the work’s metaverse and its VR interface; and designed its integrated social media platform UrMask. All future updates to scripts, melodies, arrangements, lyrics, social media and set design will automatically be uploaded to the owner’s Dropbox folders

UrMask is part of the “Gesamtkunstwerk,” but doubles as a real-life, NFT-friendly social media
platform that offers complete privacy and a new freedom for artists. After a testing period by a previous team, Vatican Dolls took full control of the site on Halloween, October 31, 2021. The platform will be in public beta until its official launch on Halloween 2022. Unlike most of today’s mass-produced NFT series, UrMask NFT Editions never exceed 100 works, all of which are unique and signed originals like etchings or bronze sculptures. This is a common standard in the art world where editions beyond 200-500 are seen as reproductions that typically lose their value over time.

Each NFT includes its own signed 3D GoldHandle and social media account. Like the title of a song, novel or painting, each GoldHandle is a deeply integrated part of the composition, meticulously selected by the artist to accentuate a certain quality, meaning or sound of that unique NFT. The NFTs are safe, certified and verified, as each NFT is built on its own exclusive, trademarked GoldHandle that anyone can check on Each NFT includes its own unique 3D GoldHandle that can be used in any metaverse and virtual gallery.

In addition, as a strong, extra layer of protection for NFT collectors, Vatican Dolls and UrMask are among the first in the world to sign and verify all their JPEG-based NFTs with Adobe’s new Content Credentials that launched on October 26.

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