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Generation Black TV Shines at Cannes Lions 2024: Elevating Intersectional Black Voices

For the first time, Generation Black TV graced the prestigious Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, hosting a panel discussion that left a significant mark on attendees. This landmark event brought together industry leaders who have dedicated their careers to supporting intersectional Black communities through various initiatives. The panelists, including Steph Inez Matthews, Dina Green, Kate Dale, and Alicia Richardson, shared their insights, experiences, and visions for a more inclusive future.

Steph Inez Matthews: A Visionary in Growth and Purpose Marketing

Steph Inez Matthews, an award-winning leader and new growth specialist.

“For me, this year’s Cannes Lions was about the power of community. Harnessing the nuances of diverse community insights to drive creativity and sustainable business growth”

At the social impact consultancy Creative Equals, she consulted for Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 brands, including Philips, Mars, and Walgreens, on business and culture change transformation. Her prior roles in global advertising saw her develop brand and marketing strategies at Virgin and the RAC, and advertising insight programs at Channel 4, ITV, and News Corp.

Matthews is also known for her commitment to mentoring and empowering the next generation. As the former President and Non-Executive Director for Bloom UK, she actively participates in mentoring programs for Stonewall, Media Trust, and BelEve. Her upcoming career handbook for young, brown, queer women, set to be published in 2025, reflects her dedication to creating pathways for others.

Dina Green: Championing Creative Careers for the Next Generation

At Cannes, Green shared her mission to support 14-25 year-olds in reaching their full potential within the creative industries. Her leadership style, driven by collaboration and a hunger for innovation, has fostered dynamic and progressive organizations. Speaking at the panel, Green emphasized the importance of content created for and by underrepresented groups, highlighting the achievements and goals of the UK Creative Festival and The Creative Foundation careers fair.

Kate Dale: Breaking Barriers in Women’s Sports

As the Strategic Lead for Campaigns at Sport England, Kate Dale has transformed the landscape of women’s sports with the groundbreaking “This Girl Can” campaign. 

“One of the joys of Cannes is that you get to create your own version – like those choose your own adventure books I read as a child. I got to celebrate the rise of women’s sport, discuss the importance of Taylor Swift, heard a lot about generative AI and listened to some fabulous music. It’s the diversity of perspectives I particularly loved – hearing from so many people in just one week. I think two comments stood our for – equality is about power and power is taken not given;  and as (Ndubuisi Uchea said diversity is a reality, inclusion is a choice  I’m going to carry this with me as I work on the next phase of This Girl Can.”

At Cannes, Dale discussed the gender gap in sports and the importance of creating supportive environments for women. Her work continues to challenge norms and empower women to embrace physical activity without fear of judgment.

Alicia Richardson: Reshaping DEI in the Workplace

Alicia Richardson, founder of Black Create Connect, is a trailblazer in DEI strategies and reshaping hiring processes to align with diversity and inclusion objectives. Her passion for ensuring equitable experiences at all life stages drives her mission to empower individuals to be their best selves, particularly in the workplace.

“Cannes this year was all about curating and building upon established relationships. My primary goal was to ensure that Black Create Connect had touchpoints for brand visibility, to understand the current connection with agency and community needs, and to enjoy each part of my days. I had a memorable time, spending it at intimate dinners, brunches, and breakfasts. I also hosted my own brunch and collaborated with several communities on a Block brunch on the final day. This was a brilliant way to connect with industry leaders, content creators, and cultural influencers. Some highlights for me included the Linked In Black Joy Brunch, the Campaign party, as well as the TikTok and Spotify parties. These events bring together familiar faces with whom I have both professional and personal relationships, creating a truly enjoyable experience.”

Richardson’s insights at the panel shed light on the importance of active empowerment and creating inclusive environments that celebrate diversity. Her work is instrumental in fostering workplace cultures where everyone can thrive.

A Landmark Moment for Generation Black TV

The presence of Generation Black TV at Cannes Lions 2024 marks a significant step in amplifying the voices and stories of intersectional Black communities. The panel discussion not only highlighted the remarkable achievements of its participants but also underscored the ongoing need for platforms that celebrate and support diversity.

As Generation Black TV continues to grow and inspire, its participation at Cannes serves as a powerful reminder of the transformative impact of representation and inclusion in the media and beyond.

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