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George Galloway Says He Was Stalked By ‘Baby Reindeer’s Real-Life Martha But “Wishes Her The Best” In Netflix Legal Action

In a revealing interview with Piers Morgan Uncensored, controversial Scottish politician and TV personality George Galloway shared his harrowing experience of being “relentlessly” and “physically” stalked by Fiona Harvey, the real-life inspiration for Martha in Richard Gadd’s Netflix drama Baby Reindeer. The stalking incidents date back to the late 1980s when Galloway was first elected MP for Glasgow Hillhead.

Galloway recounted how Harvey’s obsessive behavior included calling him “hundreds of times” and showing up uninvited at his office and other locations where he and his team were present. “She would breeze in wherever she discovered that we were, me and my staff and my inner circle,” he said. Despite the invasive nature of her actions, Galloway noted that Harvey never threatened him physically. “She was just in my life when I didn’t want her to be… The last time I saw her would be around the early 1990s. And I hadn’t seen her again until I saw her on the show.”

Galloway’s experience mirrors those of other individuals who were also reportedly stalked by Harvey, including lawyer Laura Wray and her husband, Jimmy Wray, another former Labour MP. Galloway explained that during that era, stalking was more direct and personal due to the lack of modern communication tools like email and texting. “You had to either phone someone on their landline or turn up at the door,” he said. “That’s real stalking and that’s what she did to me.”

Baby Reindeer
Baby Reindeer

Harvey, identified as the inspiration for the character played by Jessica Gunning in Baby Reindeer, is currently suing Netflix for $170M over defamation and negligence. She argues that the portrayal in the series is inaccurate and damaging. Despite his personal ordeal, Galloway expressed sympathy for Harvey’s legal battle against Netflix. “It turns out that Netflix said she had done them [certain things] … and been certain places that she hadn’t,” he remarked, adding, “I wish her the best” in her legal action.

Netflix has stated it will defend the case vigorously, maintaining the integrity of its storytelling in Baby Reindeer. Harvey has also made appearances on Morgan’s show to present her side of the story, further intensifying the public interest in this complex and controversial case.

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