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Dove takes a stand against AI generated beauty images in its new campaign

Dove AI Real Beauty Campaign

As Dove marks two decades of its Real Beauty campaign, it continues to challenge the evolving pressures of beauty standards intensified by artificial intelligence. Dove’s recent global study reveals that while beauty ideals are becoming more inclusive, they remain unattainably diverse, pressuring many women to alter their appearances drastically.

Dove AI Real Beauty Campaign

Dove’s latest Real Beauty ad, “The Code.”
Credit: Dove


Recognising the dual nature of AI in beauty—both as a tool for creativity and a source of unrealistic standards—Dove has declared a commitment to avoid AI-generated images in its advertisements, striving instead for genuine representation. The study underscores a worrying trend: a significant portion of women would sacrifice a year of life for their ideal body image, reflecting deep-seated issues around beauty perceptions.


With its new initiative, the “Real Beauty Prompt Guidelines,” Dove aims to set new standards for AI-generated content, promoting images that reflect authentic beauty. The brand’s latest campaign, “The Code,” supported by influential figures like Reba McEntire and Drew Barrymore, seeks to empower women by reflecting real beauty in media.


As technology evolves, Dove remains steadfast in its pledge to celebrate real beauty, advocating for transparency and diversity. This commitment resonates deeply with our community at Included, where the fight for broadened representation in all forms of media continues to be critical.


Watch the ad here.

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