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5 Dating Apps You Need to Try: Say Goodbye to Tinder!

Swiping left is so last season. If you’re tired of the hookup culture of Tinder-type dating apps, then you are not alone!

More and more contemporary daters are looking for ways to connect more deeply with potential partners and for something more than the often solely looks-based ‘swipe left or right’ culture. If that’s you, then no worries because we get it. We get it so much in fact that we have compiled a list of five hot dating apps that you have to try. The apps boast higher chances of success and lower chances of being grossed out. So, have a look and see which app might be right for you and your love life!

1. Hinge


Image Via Hinge

Hinge is a dating app with a premise as simple as its logo. It’s the dating app ‘meant to be deleted.’ The whole point of a dating app is to find love and get the heck off the thing. So, why waste time? Hinge is here to help you get down to business, get your partner, and get out.

Hinge boasts a whopping 1.2 million users nationwide so they must be doing something right. The app features profiles with questions, photos, and even voice prompts so you can hear the voice of your soon-to-be beloved.

Best of all, it’s free! It costs nothing to join or use. There is a premium option that does require payment, but it also unlocks the filter feature, so you can set it to filter out anyone that is not your ideal religion, political view, or even height! It’s pretty advanced. It also boasts that 72% of its first dates lead to a second date, implying its ability to match up compatibles, is pretty high. So, ditch the guesswork, and get the phenomenal filtering power of Hinge.

2.  Match.Com Dating apps

Image via boasts over a million babies born thanks to their services. That’s a lot of babies! They also claim to have ‘led to more dates, relationships, and marriages’ overall than their competitors. It’s all right there in their promo video, along with lots of reasons their users joined and what they were specifically looking for.

Match is considered to be one of the more ‘serious’ dating sites, as in if you want to get serious with someone, this is the app for you. It is definitely not the hookup culture of some of the others, this app is meant for those who are ready to get committed. So if that’s you, then this app might be your perfect match.

P.S. There is a free version but to access all of its benefits many users opt for the advanced paid option.

3. E-Harmony

eHarmony Dating apps

Image Via eHarmony

“Every 14 minutes someone finds love on E-Harmony.” That’s a whole lot of love! E-Harmony is another dating app that is pretty on par with Match as far as success rate. It could have something to do with the intentions of its users. Similarly to Match, E-Harmony app users are generally looking for long-term commitment and relationships. No one-night swipes here!

In fact, in 2018 E-Harmony won the ‘Highest Quality Dating Pool’ survey. The app provides extensive profiles with photos and in-depth questions to determine long-term compatibility. Questions like religion, political views, kids/no kids, height, weight, and even astrological signs. The basic version is free but to get more bang for your buck, it’s recommended to get the advance paid version as it gives more access to benefits.

4. Bumble


Image via Bumble

Bumble is the ladies’ choice of dating app. While either party can express their initial interest, once matched it is up to the ladies to speak first or forever hold their peace. If not, the match simply disappears within 24 hours. It’s like speed dating via an app. The goal is to keep long, lagging, pen pal-type situations from occurring. It also ensures that women are not inappropriately pursued by anyone they are not interested in. It’s an extra layer of safety embedded right into the app’s mainframe. Isn’t technology great?

Aside from that, the app boasts extensive profiles with spaces for multiple pictures. Bumble also consistently ranks in the top five lists for success rates and user satisfaction. So, if you’re tired of your dating app experience feeling more like an ambush than a choice, then take back control and give Bumble a try.

5.  Elite Singles


elite singles dating apps

Image Via Elite Singles

Elite Singles, as the name implies, is exactly that, for elite singles! This app aims to curate the most ‘elite’ dating user pool it can. It boasts that 85% of its users are university graduates and their success rate is equally as impressive. They also provide daily profile checks to ensure their users are real and really safe. Their tagline is also “serious online dating for single professionals.” No mincing words there, this app is for the serious dater, who is looking to get serious with their special someone.

Elite Singles also has a premium feature that allows for advanced filtering, so if you are looking for a partner in a certain age range or religion, it can help you find them without having to comb through hundreds of incompatible profiles. It also includes personality testing to help create matches based on long-term compatibility. If you’re looking to get serious, then this app could seriously be for you.

With hundreds of dating apps, millions of users, and endless profiles, it can get overwhelming, not to mention frustrating. When you are looking to get serious and everyone you meet is just playing games, it can make dating a real chore. Thankfully, these five dating apps will help you say goodbye to Tinder and the wild world of swiping for good. Instead, get ready to say hello to a fun dating life and just maybe, your special someone!

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