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Tory Leadership Debate: Criticism for BBC Over Climate Change

The BBC has faced backlash over their questions around climate change in recent Tory leadership debate

Throughout the entire Tory leadership debate, only one question on climate change was asked. The candidates were asked: “What three things should people change in their lives to help tackle climate change faster?” Rishi Sunak went with recycling whilst Liz Truss put the emphasis on the virtues of green technology.

A group of environmental organisations have written to the BBC angry with their inadequate questioning. It’s no secret that the climate crisis is really hotting up, both metaphorically and literally! With recent heat waves causing huge disturbances, it’s clear that everyone needs to do their part to help tackle the crisis. However, this line of questioning makes it seem as though individuals are responsible for fixing these issues. Whilst it’s important that we all play our part, the Government has a huge role in how we approach the climate crisis. If Sunak and Truss are our only options as people who are potentially going to take over the running of the country, it’s important that we know what their views on climate change are.

Tory Leadership Debate

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Springwatch presenter Chris Packham said the question was “completely irresponsible” as it focused on “individual action rather than governmental action when the purpose of the debate was to test the candidates’ credentials for being the next prime minister”

The letter, also signed by the World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace and Green Alliance, said, “The purpose of a leaders’ debate is to interrogate our future prime minister on their policy positions for vital issues so the public can make an informed choice about which candidate will do the best job for their country. This question failed to provide them with those answers. For this to happen at a time when the cost of living is driving millions into poverty, largely driven by fossil fuel prices and rising energy bills, is unacceptable.”

Whilst individuals can do their part to cut down on waste, drive and fly less, recycle and so on, it is the Government’s responsibility to tackle this crisis head-on, and if recent debates are anything to go by, they show no sign of doing that.

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