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Big Brother Set to Return in 2023 With Rylan Tipped to be the Host

Rumour has it that ITV has purchased the rights to Big Brother

What started as a social experiment on Channel 4, Big Brother ended up lasting 18 years. Hosted by Davina McCall, it was one of the original forms of reality TV. At its peak, the iconic show was a big money-spinner thanks to the hour-long broadcast each night and multiple spin-offs.

Some past winners from Digital Spy

The Sun newspaper broke the story, with inside sources suggesting that “They are really keen on getting the deal done on Big Brother, and hope to have something firm to announce soon. The talks are still at an early, and delicate, stage and the next few weeks will be key.” They continue: “It needs the full treatment and they’re confident they are the ones who can return it to its legendary former glory. It has millions of fans and is one of the most iconic TV shows of its generation.”

Big Brother’s Channel 4 stint – which was arguably the most remembered version of the show – ran from 2000 to 2010. Soon after, Channel 5’s bid was successful, and the show returned in 2011, with former winner Brian Dowling as host.

However, Big Brother fans on social media have backed Rylan Clark as the potential presenter. Rylan is a self-confessed mega fan of the series, and he even won the Celebrity version of the show. He also presented Big Brothers Bit on the Side, which saw steady and strong ratings.

Rylan from Digital Spy

A source told the Sun Newspaper: Rylan put himself front and centre with a number of telly producers the moment he found out Big Brother was coming back. He absolutely loves the show and when the news broke he texted a handful of people to show just how excited he was about Big Brother’s return. They continue: “Rylan couldn’t have made it any clearer with his intention – he would love that job. Those working on the early stages of the production think the same and this role is made for Rylan. He is the first choice of host above Davina and Emma for many.”

Rylan has made no secret of his passion and dedication to Big Brother. In a recent interview, Rylan told his fans how presenting the Big Brother spin-off became a “lifestyle rather than a job.” “Big Brother changed my life completely, a proper 360, and I miss it dearly and I just think if it was to come back now, it could come back the same but so different now,” he said.

The population’s appetite for reality TV has increased. Shows such as Love Island and Married at First Sight are some of the most profitable shows for TV companies, causing TV executives to consider bringing back Big Brother for a new generation of fans. In recent years, reality TV in the UK has an overwhelming focus on dating. But, watching wannabee celebrities with ‘perfect bodies’ and ‘influencer’ social media statuses is something viewers have grown tired of. The beauty of Big Brother was that it had a variety of people from all walks of life. Let’s hope ITV respect this winning format.

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