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RAY CHU: In Conversation

“Fashion is a way of expressing ourselves and a reflection of the time and society we’re living in,” Ray Chu.

Founded in 2016, RAY CHU is the disruptive, A-gender fashion brand created by Taiwanese designer Ray Chu. The brand has gained attention for its refined quality, innovative craftsmanship and the use of carefully placed cut-outs and oversize silhouette cuts that radiate confidence. Working with deadstock materials, organic cotton and vegan leather, RAY CHU is also a label that’s well on its way to sustainability.

The fashion line strongly values inclusivity, fluidity, and love in all its forms. For that reason, talents from different industries, genders, and sexual orientations were invited to take part in the recent project. “We want every individual to love themselves and to love others,” Ray Chu.

This season, RAY CHU presents the Touch Me collection, which pays homage to sensuality, experimentation and fantasy. Presented at the 2022 London Fashion Week digital event, the collection includes bold silhouettes, a subtle colour palette and intricate, statement designs.

Chapter Z took the opportunity to sit with Ray Chu, the mastermind behind the brand, and talk all things fashion, sustainability and collaborating with LGBTQ+ artist, Draw Me Denis.

Ray Chu AW22

RAY CHU: In Conversation

Let’s start right at the beginning. What are your first fashion memories?

It was probably because my grandpa (he does men’s) tailored two pairs of trousers that I remember from when I was a kid. Also, that year I watched Project runway, which made me feel like I want to do fashion.

Then, how did you decide designing was something to pursue as a career? What about fashion drew you in?

I have always found it interesting because of its history and how it transforms over time with society and technology. It was after I saw the work from Lee Alexander McQueen, which is so inspiring and boundary-pushing, that I decided to do fashion.  

For anyone who hasn’t seen the RAY CHU brand before, can you describe your line’s aesthetic?

RAY CHU is a sexy, expressive, genderless and positive fashion label. 

What does the word ‘fashion’ mean to you?

Fashion is a way of expressing ourselves and a reflection of the time and society we’re living in.  

Ray Chu AW22Your Winter 2022 collection will be presented at London Fashion Week this year. You’ve stated the collection’s theme is ‘Chapter IIII Touch Me’. Could you explain to me more about the collection and its inspiration? 

This collection is a continuation of our SS22. The inspiration behind it is the pleasure of being touched by an intimate other or a daydreaming fantasy. 

For this season, we collaborated with the artist Draw Me Denis, whose works are mostly LGBTQ+ group portraits from both personal perspectives and fantasies. His work is very RAY CHU.

As a high-end fashion designer, how do you ensure you remain commercial to a wider audience but still create new, innovative ideas?

When I do a collection, there is always a certain percentage of commercial wearable pieces embodying elements from the inspiration or non-commercial pieces.

Currently, where do you find the most inspiration for your designs?

Daily life, all forms of art from galleries and stories from friends and myself. 

And finally, can you describe RAY CHU in three words?

Sensual, Provocative and on its way to being more sustainable


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