Astrology for the Month of October: “Leather Daddies in Retrograde”

Astrology for the month of October

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October 1 – Mercury Squares Pluto

Kicking off October we have the god of the underworld, Pluto, squaring our planet of communication and expression. This is a day for binge watching some conspiracy videos and dipping your toes into new topics of interest and maybe a little taboo. You may notice people around this time are extra intense and defensive with their communication and beliefs. There is room for a difference of opinions but staying open minded in conversations today is key.

October 6 – Pluto Retrograde ends

Pluto governs all things hidden and with it emerging out of a 5 month retrograde expect any hidden desires and needs bubbling to the surface. Pluto goes directly in the grounded earth sign of Capricorn. Capricorn rules career, money and leadership so expect some purging and restructuring around our politics, business and banking structures in the collective around this time

October 6 – New Moon in Libra 

Who is ready for a new chapter to start? Libra represents harmony, justice and relationships. Time to reflect where there is disharmony in these areas, especially in your relationships both romantic, platonic and with yourself. What areas have you neglected, now is the time to call in some extra love to these parts. Sit with your heart and look at the parts of you that maybe you have been a little harsh on or too judgemental. How we treat and talk to ourselves is the biggest reflection of how we allow others to treat and talk to us. You will never have to look too far for a critic so instead of adding to the noise it’s time to start a new chapter of being your own personal hype woman/man.

October 7 – Venus enters Sagittarius 

Moving out of Scorpio, Venus dances into Sagittarius- our truth and adventure seeking zodiac. Our love life is looking for some adventure so book that trip away or adventure out from your regular coffee shop and explore what is out there… you might be happily surprised.

October 11 – Saturn Retrograde ends

Saturn the planet of rules and authority or as my favourite teacher Madi Murphy likes to call him “Leather Daddy” has been in retrograde for a while but goes direct in our futuristic, rebellion zodiac Aquarius. When Saturn goes direct it can feel like the fun is over and it’s all to do lists and mundane tasks. But Saturn wants us to check off those things so we can reap the rewards later on. Aquarius forward thinking will have you getting hits on how you can level up your daily routine to better serve achieving your big goals. Stick with any new processes that develop during this time. The pay off will be worth it.

October 15 – Sun Trine Jupiter

Save the date because this solar transit is one of my favourites! Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, will trine the biggest luminary in our solar system aka the Sun. Get ready for a day of abundance and feeling on top of the world. Challenge this new found confidence and stay open to whatever opportunities may come knocking.

October 20 – Full Moon in Aries

This Full moon comes towards the end of Libra season, with the sun still in Libra during the Full moon the polarities between the Libra “We” and the Aries “Me” are challenged. Can you strike a balance? Aries is putting the fire in our belly and we will all be feeling extra courageous under this Full Moon. Are you ready to take a leap of faith? Libra will be asking for all leaps to be balanced and measured but Aries could have us jumping in the deep end. 

October 28 – Venus Sextile Jupiter

Today is the day to schedule a date with that special someone. The planet of love and abundance are working in your favour. We feel like socializing and making love under the cosmos. It’s a party and we love it!


(he/him) Henry a previous Editor-in-Chief of Chapter Z magazine. He specialises in LGBTQ+, film and in-depth community/cultural features.

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