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Young Entrepreneur Stands Up for Gen Z

Key Update: After discovering there are 300k unemployed Gen Z across the UK, Oliver McCourty founded opportunityM to tackle this and throughout his career to date has put tens of thousands of Gen Z into work. Now he’s making waves with his new website showcasing Gen Z in an easier way for employers to make those important hiring decisions.

Who Are Gen Z: Gen Z are people born between 1996 and 2010, which translates to people who are between 14 and 28 years old.

Media Pushback: Many media sources report Gen Z are lazy and are snowflakes which has demotivated Gen Z to get into work. The rise in entrepreneurship has also meant less talented Gen Z are interested in sacrificing their time for money in an organisation they don’t own.

Why Tackling Gen Z Unemployment Matters: 1/3 of Gen Z have been diagnosed with a Mental Health Condition and studies report a strong correlation between having a job and having more stable mental health. The purpose gifted to Gen Z gives them a reason to wake up at a good time in the morning and use their mind & body productively throughout the day. Additionally, the money they earn gives more choices for Gen Z on how they invest it.

How You Can Help Gen Z: You don’t need to be rich to help Gen Z… if you know someone who is hiring or your employer is looking for more people to join the company, you can always recommend Gen Z you know who are looking for a job. Or you can encourage them to go onto Whether looking for work or looking to hire, opportunityM is a great place to go!

Final Thoughts: As Gen Z are being heavily criticised in the media, could this inspire a rebellion to prove the media wrong? Will this inspire companies to quickly adapt to Gen Z’s fresh approach to avoid losing too much staff? It’s certain the world of jobs as we know is beginning to change. Time will decide if it’s in favour of Gen Z or not.

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