Community Spotlight: poc a dot

Community Spotlight: poc a dot

by Rachel Ayeh-Datey

Throughout the month, we will be spotlighting the work of incredible organisations which focus on providing spaces of healing, joy & community.

In this article, we find out more about the aims and motivations of the poc a dot team.

What were your motivations behind starting poc a dot ?

Initially poc a dot started out as a way to meet other QTIBPOC (Queer, Trans and Intersex Black people and people of colour) who live in West London. Most of the spaces for our communities tend to be based in East London, which makes them kind of inaccessible for folks on the west side. We wanted to create a physical social space where we could come together, hang out, do some crafts and just enjoy the vibes.

What is your proudest moment of working on poc a dot?

That’s a tricky question. I would say that our first event, a Board Game + Arts & Crafts Night, almost a year ago now was pretty dreamy. Knowing that we played a part in creating a safe space for people to come together was such a surreal experience and watching those plans come to life – yeah I am pretty proud of that. We started this as a physical social space but having an online component has meant that so many more people can get involved. Any time I speak to someone I’m just wowed by the community we’re in – my heart is so full.

What are some of your 2021 plans for poc a dot? How can we support your work?

We’re currently collaborating with Abolitionist Futures to host a monthly online reading group to do some communal reading and learn some abolitionist ideas in a cosy space. We hope to host more game nights like the We’re Not Really Strangers card game which really got us in our feelings and we’ll be continuing our virtual quiz nights which brought out the competitive edge in some of us!

Could you give us a final message of hope for any LGBTQ+ people who may be struggling right now?

I think most of us are in the same boat when it comes to that. From experience, what has been helpful to me is seeking things that bring me joy. This will look different for everyone but I think it’s really important right now to try and put that time aside if you can. For me, that is where poc a dot comes in – this year we’re planning loads of events that I’m really excited about like game nights, quizzes, the abolitionist reading group. It helps to have things to look forward to. If that is the kind of thing you enjoy, we would love for you to come along! Or if you have an idea for something to do, reach out to us. It’s a difficult time, but it’s important to remember that there is a whole community of people who love and care about you.


Images from poc a dot

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