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The Big3 League extends a lucrative $5 million contract offer to basketball sensation Caitlin Clark

Basketball sensation Caitlin Clark is being offered $5 million to play at The Big 3 basketball league. The BIG 3 is a 3-on-3 basketball league founded by Ice Cube in 2017. The league consists of 12 teams whose rosters include both former NBA players and international players who travel across the country competing for the Big 3 trophy. Caitlin Clark has taken the NCAA women’s basketball scene by storm with her exceptional skills and dynamic style of play, which has caught the attention of Big 3 founder Ice Cube as well as the league’s sponsors.

Clark’s journey to becoming one of the most talked-about players in college basketball began in West Des Moines, Iowa, where she dominated high school competition at Dowling Catholic High School. Her impressive performances garnered national attention, and she was highly sought after by top college programmes across the US. Ultimately, Clark chose to stay close to home and committed to the University of Iowa.

As a standout guard for the University of Iowa Hawkeyes, Clark has consistently showcased her scoring prowess, court vision, and leadership on the court. She’s had all the big names such as Patrick Mahomes, Steph Curry, Lebron James, Kevin Durant and many more watch and praise her. 

Caitlin clark
Source: @CaitlinClark22

Caitlin Clark is a generational athlete and has generated a lot of opportunities for herself whilst still being in college. Last Wednesday Ice Cube made a ‘historic’ offer to Clark to play in the Big 3 league for one season which will be a 10-week commitment (on Saturdays). The league would also reportedly allow her to pursue a WNBA career while under contract. The $5 million is just the base rate she will also be earning revenue from sponsorship and merchandise. 

Ice Cube wrote on X. “BIG3 made a historic offer to Caitlin Clark. Why wouldn’t we? Caitlin is a generational athlete who can achieve tremendous success in the BIG3.”

But Caitlin’s response to the offer was that she found out at the same time as everyone else did via social media. 

“I found out about the Big3 thing at the exact time you all did, and my main focus is just on playing basketball,” Caitlin Clark

Caitlin is widely expected to be the Number 1 draft pick in the WNBA 2024 draft after waiving her fifth year of eligibility. She is a special player that is moving the needles in a lot of different areas- ratings, attendance, ticket sales. Whatever team is lucky enough to draft her will reap a lot of benefits. 

Although Caitlin’s team hasn’t responded to the offer yet, the likelihood of this deal coming to pass is very slim. Most of the big three games don’t directly overlap her WNBA schedule, but the travel and practice schedule with the WNBA will certainly be complicated and she would probably want to make sure she’s one hundred percent for the WNBA.

Also, the BIG 3 reportedly is not on great terms with the NBA, which owns the WNBA. In November, executives from the Big3 basketball league met with Justice Department officials in Washington to present their case that the National Basketball Association was violating federal antitrust law and undermining the big 3 league. 

Players like Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese are bringing a lot of excitement to women’s college basketball on the map. As Clark continues to excel at the collegiate level, there are endless possibilities for her, which is very exciting to see unfold.

By: Subomi Odanye

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