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Babylon Park: Out of This World Fun in Central London

Head down to Babylon Park this winter for some intergalactic fun!

This week we were lucky enough to snag an invite to the opening of Babylon Park, a new attraction nestled right by Camden Market in northwest London. It’s the first location of the Israeli chain of alien-branded parks to open its doors in the UK. But what exactly do you expect from a space-themed, underground, three-story theme park?

From the start it was certainly a surreal experience, being greeted by the park’s fuzzy green alien mascots and a traditional town crier. Moving on down into the park, snacks and refreshments are on offer one floor down alongside function rooms and a children’s play area, with the main attractions resting on the space-themed bottom floor. 

Babylon Park ride

Babylon Park Press Image

The park is well furnished with a variety of mini-rides, some just designed to accommodate children and a few for adults and teens also. In particular, Babylon Park’s rollercoaster, suitable for ages 4 and up, packs a surprising punch for a smaller-scale, child-friendly ride. 

Rides aside, it feels as though the amusement park was conceived to combine the best of fairground and arcade attractions, with dodgems and hook-a-duck style games available alongside air hockey tables, shooter games, VR attractions and more vintage-style arcade games. The park is also cashless and you pay for games via a wristband, so no need to worry about rummaging around for the correct change! Personally, I really enjoyed the nostalgic appeal of the pinball tables, and defeating my partner at the two-player version of the ‘World’s Largest Pac-Man’ was a highlight. 

Babylon Park bumper cars

Babylon Park Bumper Cars © Press Image

Overall, Babylon Park uses its space to bring theme park and funfair-style thrills into the city for those who don’t want to venture too far for some fun. Kids will absolutely love everything on offer, from the alien mascots to the rides and games. However the park has clearly worked hard to include something for everyone, and it’s fair to say that grown-ups and older siblings will also have plenty of options to get stuck into as well. 

Entry to the park is free, with rides and games individually priced. Upon entry, you can buy Game Coins, or buy ahead on their site to see packages and offers. There’s also an interactive, play-from-home option available via the park’s app for the truly keen. 

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