RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap: Season 13, Episode Seven (Bossy Rossy Ruboot)

RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap: Season 13, Episode Seven (Bossy Rossy Ruboot)

By Abigail J. Villarroel

Disclosure: This recap is a safe space for queer people and BIPOC all around the world, hate is not tolerated and love for the queens is encouraged, even if they behave controversially. Give them a like in socials and be a supportive fan, not a hater. Let’s get started.


We start with The Reading Challenge. Gottmik impresses and wins RuPaul’s praises. The main challenge this week is for the girls to improv their way through a scene in a Bossy Rossy Ruboot, a trashy talk show hosted by Ross Matthews. On the runway category is Bead It! Oliva Lux wins her second challenge, but Elliott and LaLa Ri land in the bottom. Elliott shantays, LaLa sashays, but we all live for a passionate lip sync.

Library: Open, Reading: Fundamental

Reading is what! This is a staple of Drag Race since Season 2, with Jujubee shutting it down  and setting the bar for seasons to come. Lamentably, not all reading challenges reach Juju’s standard of funny, but alas, I thought this was a very adequate one. Gottmik as we know takes the cake, but I thought Rosé was a very strong runner-up, with lovely misdirects and pristine comedy timing: “LaLa Ri, this look is sickening girl… is something nobody said to you during the ball challenge” and  “Kandy. You have eaten tons of it.” have to be highlights to be noted.

Bossy Rossy After Dark: Improv Time!


With many highlights and only a few true clunkers, we had ourselves a fairly good improv challenge. Denali and Rosé definitely killed their I’m Pregnant By My Imaginary Boyfriend! between this and last week’s challenge they have become a dynamic duo. The judges’ later reception to LaLa’s performance was mixed but I got to say, she did keep the energy of the piece up and remained engaged throughout. It was a good start to the challenge overall.


We then get Breaking My Silence: Escaping the Cult of Mimeology with Gottmik, Olivia Lux and Utica Queen. Gottmik holds her own playing a psychiatrist, wearing the most beautiful hair-makeup-suit combo but Olivia steals the show with the best physical comedy and facial expressions she can improv. There is the churning of butter, windy runs, ice-cream licking, it was a marvel to see and unsurprisingly a winning performance, earning Olivia a second consecutive win.


Symone and Kandy Muse as fictional reality-tv personalities Tiffany Gibson & Lil’ Deb-Deb: Where Are They Now? was a definite highlight. Kandy took the judges critique of embodying more characters and portrayed a Cali Valley girl with restraint and her signature charm, whilst Symone’s  Lil’ Deb Deb improv struck gold. There was an easy confidence, a constant stream of funny and a general absurdity that kept everyone very entertained.


Shout out to this general Ruboot of Bossy Rossy, which first made an appearance on the show in Season 10. It birthed some iconic moments from the Drag Race canon, including but not limited to: Eureka O’Hara as Big Baby™, Miz Cracker’s performance as a literal Pickle, and Monique Heart talking to a cactus. 



Category Is… Bead It!


All the girls looked fabulous, but as always, Utica Queen impressed me with her interpretation, modelling a Beaded Bloody Wedding Dress. I found illuminating images of the 30 hours of work it took to bead this outfit from Koah Corrin, Utica’s Official Stitcher! The output this queen has been putting out this season has been unparalleled.


In that same vein we got Kandy Muse looking her absolute most glamorous in an outfit by Monique Vee, a Chicago-based designer who has done a lot of amazing work for Plastique Tiara. As well as a custom headpiece by Arik Henderson, whose additional beading work on Kandy’s fur (by Adrienne Landau) might have warranted a win; you can further find Landau’s stunting work on the LP Artwork for Mariah’s E=MC2.


Often featured in this section of the recap, Gottmik very much impressed with her Anal Bead Latex Dress by frequent collaborator Marco Marco and Latex-specialist Venus Prototype; Venus work has been seen killing the game on Megan Thee Stallion and Chloe x Halle (for their Verizon Up live performance event, it’s fierce check it out!).


Lastly, we have Symone’s Zulu Beadwork Outfit burning down the runway, paying homage to Black aesthetics and culture, in the most beautiful way. IG @fashionanddrag writes excellent summaries about DR fashion standouts and their historical references, with Symone they outlined this type of beadwork is a cultural cornerstone of the Zulu people, primarily located in South Africa. The outfit is by Michael Brambila (who has done amazing work for Naomi Smalls) and the braided hair was by House of Avalon sis, Gigi Goode.

Lowlights of the Week


In the challenge, Utica Queen as the neglectful mother was not it. Her brassy presentation was promising, but like the judges said, the improv did not contribute much to the scene. The same goes for Elliott’s performance, Tina Burner very much dominated their scene and Elliott’s improv relied too heavily on the stronger performer.


On the runway Michelle commended Elliott for looking the most beautiful they ever have, with his 20s Flapper Runway presentation.I don’t think it was particularly impactful in comparison to past runways. Similarly with Tina Burner’s Beaded Clown Outfit, watch The Pit Stop with Trixie Mattel and Bianca Del Rio for a true takedown of this nightmarish look.


Lip Sync… For Your Lifeee!

The bottom queens lip syncing were Elliott with Two Ts and LaLa Ri. The song was Whole Lotta Woman by Kelly Clarkson. It was a pretty evenly matched affair but Elliott got a shantay, and LaLa a sashay, sending her back home to Atlanta.


Werkroom Moment of Grace!

Symone opened up about the struggle between her drag character, her boy self, and mother. Symone described her boy self as very risk-averse, in part, due to her brother’s incarceration leaving their mother traumatised. Symone describes feeling like she couldn’t fail at anything and let her mother down, and so her drag character was created. To give her an expression that could win, but also fail comfortably, without the pressures her boy self feels. It was a vulnerable and honest discussion that earned its place as a Moment of Grace for sure.


Quote of the Week – 


“Kandy Muse, it is so amazing how we represent such different communities here: gay, trans, *pointing at Kandy* pug.”

  • Gottmik reading Kandy Muse. To filth.


Unseen Lewk of the Week! – 

Kahmora Hall’s Beaded Bob Mackie Dress. Need I say more? Also, she is not here often, but Joey Jay as a Beaded Unicorn deserves some recognition, as does Symone, because it’s never really over with her content. We saw her runway, yes, but have you seen her dance to Find Your Way Back in desert dunes wearing her runway? It’s on her IGTV for the world’s viewing pleasure.

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