Why are so Many Young People Leaving Wales?

Census data reveals that Wales is experiencing record low growth Census information provided by Ceredigion Senedd member Elin Jones reveals that, whilst the population of Wales remains at its highest…

Young People in the UK and Ireland Offered £10 Return Flights to Australia

The Scheme Intends to ‘Plug Gaps’ in the Job Market and Boost Tourism Young people across the United Kingdom and Ireland aged between 18 and 35 can now apply for…

LGBTQ Life in Scotland: How Does it Stack Up?

According to the LGBT Youth Scotland’s ‘Life in Scotland’ report published this month, only 39% of young people aged 13-25 felt that Scotland was a “good place for LGBT young…

The crisis of domestic abuse in young relationships

What comes to mind when you think of the university experience? Probably young people being independent for the first time, partying too much and studying just enough to get by. I doubt you thought of domestic abuse. But considering the amount of young people in abusive relationships it is something we need to think about. 

Being 21 in 2021

Dalia Al-Dujaili shares her perspective of being 21 in 2021. She explores the experiences of young people living in a global pandemic.