Why Batwoman Should be your Next Guilty Pleasure Binge-Watch

Powerfully female, perfectly queer and defiantly black, The CW’s Batwoman is the hidden-gem guilty-pleasure binge-watch you didn’t know you needed. Has your watchlist become repetitive? Do you not feel like…

Two Another: In Conversation

Two Another prepare to release their debut record, ‘Back to Us’   Blending sleek alt-pop melodies and funky baselines, Two Another are the duo uplifting listeners with heartfelt lyricism and…

“A Queer Love Story”

When I think of Queer Love I think of something that is bold, beautiful, passionate and exhilarating.

Queerness on Screen: Construction or Catharsis?

Read as Alicia Fretter explores the presentation of Queer culture both on & off screen and the impacts of Queer representation in media.

Is My Love of Queer Culture Problematic?

Dalia Al-Dujaili interrogates her adoration of queer culture. She interviews members of the LGBTQ+ community on the appropriation of queer culture.