Queer Britain: The UK’s first LGBTQ+ museum opens its doors

Over the weekend, history was made with new LGBTQ+ museum It’s hard to believe that it’s taken until 2022 for Britain’s first LGBTQ+ museum to open. Nevertheless, after four years…

The UK Conversion Therapy Ban Excludes Trans People

UK’s new ban on conversion therapy in doesn’t include protection for transgender and non-binary people The LGBTQ+ community and its allies have been left outraged after it was revealed that…

Love Island 2022: Will this year be more inclusive?

*Sigh* Its that time of the year again! Love Island is back for its longest-ever season this summer. Starting at the beginning of June, it will continue to ruin our…

MNEK and Munroe Bergdorf Talk Black Queer Culture on INFORMAL Podcast

MNEK and Munroe Bergdorf have been icons of the British Black queer community for many years and now they have come together to discuss the impact of the culture on a recent podcast episode.

Drag Race and Diversity: Yellow Doesn’t Define Me

Drag Race UK saw conversations about non-binary identities given the loud speaker. Read how we think this translated to young audiences.

Holiday At Home

Holiday At Home is an original fashion story by Alma Rosaz that plays with the idea of taking a break – not in the city, but in one’s mind.


Zolita is an original fashion story by Chapter Z that plays with the idea of gender in clothing while questioning ideas on masculinity.

Golden Ratio

Golden Ratio is an original Jewellery and Beauty Story story by Chapter Z that features Alan Crocetti Jewellery. Photography by Sammy Cullis; Hair & Makeup by David Oldenburg; Creative Direction by Sammy Cullis & David Oldenburg.

Home Feels Like

Home Feels Like is a visual poem by multi-faceted performance artist, Monstera Deliciosa that explores the different physical and psychological attributes that make us feel at home.

Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures is an original beauty story by Chapter Z that places typically desirable attributes in an alien space.
Photography by Jimmy O’Neill; Makeup by Shamirah Sairally; Creative Direction by Darkwah Kyei-Darkwah & David Oldenburg.