Celebrate Lesbian Visibility Week With These 5 Films

Need Some Movie Inspo for Lesbian Visibility Week? Try These Top-Rated Movies From Monday 25th of April until Sunday 1st of May we are celebrating Lesbian Visibility Week with a…

The Tory Government Plans to Send Asylum Seekers Arriving in the UK to Rwanda

Home Secretary Priti Patel Visits Rwanda to sign an Agreement Announced by PM Boris Johnson “The Home Secretary will set out further details on a world-first migration and economic development…

The Trans Handy Ma’am and How She Became an Internet Sensation

The Wisconsin maintenance worker known as ‘Stardust’ began posting on the social media platform TikTok in 2020 and became The Trans Handy Ma’am sensation She began posting to promote her…

Teens Organise ‘Queer Prom’ to Create ‘Safe Space’ for LGBT+ Youth

Students in a northern Utah school have thrown an inclusive prom to create a “safe space” for LGBT+ young people to celebrate. Jocelyn Anglesey, a senior at DaVinci Academy of…

Pride in London apologises ‘unreservedly’ for lesbophobic comments

Pride in London has apologised “unreservedly” for “abhorrent” lesbophobic comments which came to light almost a year ago. In March 2021, singer and former Pride in London regular Sinitta revealed…

The Fight for Ukraine and its Impact on LGBTQ+ Rights

“A war within a war,” Zi Faámelu, a transgender woman living in Ukraine. The recent invasion of Ukraine by Russia has sparked a lot of uncertainty and fear throughout both…

Holiday At Home

Holiday At Home is an original fashion story by Alma Rosaz that plays with the idea of taking a break – not in the city, but in one’s mind.


Zolita is an original fashion story by Chapter Z that plays with the idea of gender in clothing while questioning ideas on masculinity.

Golden Ratio

Golden Ratio is an original Jewellery and Beauty Story story by Chapter Z that features Alan Crocetti Jewellery. Photography by Sammy Cullis; Hair & Makeup by David Oldenburg; Creative Direction by Sammy Cullis & David Oldenburg.

Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures is an original beauty story by Chapter Z that places typically desirable attributes in an alien space.
Photography by Jimmy O’Neill; Makeup by Shamirah Sairally; Creative Direction by Darkwah Kyei-Darkwah & David Oldenburg.