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Berghain To Close Down Permanently This Year

Berghain: the world’s techno capital is set to close its doors

Techno heads are having a breakdown this week with the circulating news that the world’s most well-known techno venue, Berghain, is due to close down. Although it’s not confirmed, multiple reliable sources are claiming the rumours are true. This means that you have just months to dust off your leather bondage and book a one-way ticket to the concrete haven in Kreuzberg, Berlin.

The infamous queue (Clubs Berlin)

“The Berghain is closing forever — the final end will come this year,” alleges one inside source to Faze Magazine. “One of the founders has already been paid out and is said to be staying in the countryside in Brandenburg,” says another. “The others simply ‘don’t feel like it’ anymore and have other life plans in mind.” To make things worse, it’s likely that Berghain will not be put on the market, meaning that it will likely close for good. Faze Magazine, continued: “In this case, there are different concepts, for example passing the club on to younger hands or selling it to another operator. Apparently, this is not desirable.”

Berghain first opened to the public in 1998, when it was first called Ostgut. In 2004 it was completely gutted and redeveloped into Berghain. Since then, the club has gained notoriety for being one of the most mysterious underground techno clubs in the world. Despite gaining an immense reputation in the techno scene, it has still managed to maintain its mystique by enforcing one of the strictest door policies ever known. Each night thousands of budding clubbers descend on the club in an attempt to be one of the lucky hundreds who make it past the stern-faced bouncers and into the multi-storey techno complex.

One of the few inside shots of Berghain (National Geographic)

Within the building hides ‘Lab.oratory’ – a notorious space for the sexually adventurous. Little is known about this room, apart from the fact that it is frequented mostly by gay men for those who are interested in leather, rubber and BDSM. The Berghain in general is an extremely queer venue, but not an exclusive one. Berghain is free for anyone who fits the open-minded brief. There is a strict no-phone policy to encourage visitors to be in the moment. There are very few rules inside, and drugs are everywhere. There are dark rooms to fulfil your sexual desires, and there are even hidden rooms and mazes equipped with bondage equipment and cages.

Everywhere has its moment, and for Berghain, its moment has spanned over 2 decades. Regardless of what happens, Berghain has helped expand the minds of thousands of clubgoers over the years, and for that reason alone, the legacy of Berghain will always live on.


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Kath and Kim is Returning for a Two-Part Special

Get that Chardonnay because Britain’s favourite Aussie duo, Kath and Kim, is set for a return to our screens

Unbelievably, it has been 20 years since Britain fell in love with Australia’s Absolutely Fabulous-esque sitcom, Kath and Kim. Channel Seven TV executives have revealed that the comeback will be a two-part epic, titled, Kath and Kim: Out Effluent Life. The storyline will dive into the lives of the pair since the last season aired, which was more than a decade ago. There will also be a few behind the scenes clips, with unaired moments, and some iconic guest appearances.

 Kath and Kim
Kath and Kim (Herald Sun)

Kath and Kim first came to Australian TV in 2002. It instantly became a comedy classic, and at one point, it was even Australia’s highest rating show on TV – a feet rarely matched for a comedy sit com. Over its five year run on Channel Seven, the show’s writers, Gina Riley and Jane Turner – who also happen to play the main characters – released 4 seasons, with 8 episodes each. The show also churned out many spin offs, including, Da Kath and Kim Code in 2005, and Kath and Kimderella in 2012. The final ever episode of the original series became Australia’s most watched TV episode of all time.

“It’s fascinating and delightful to see audiences around the world still loving Kath & Kim after 20 years,” says executive producer, Rick McKenna. He continued, “It was great fun getting the team back together, plenty of laughs all around, which we look forward to sharing very soon.”

The show follows the day-to-day life of suburban mom, Kim, and her spoiled and ungrateful daughter, Kim. There is also a beloved character, Sharon: a family friend who is always chasing guys, and talking about her love for sports. Another stand out character is Kel Knight, who is Kath’s saucy love interest. The pair often get up to no good, frolicking around the house in the nude, and having a bizarre medley of hobbies. The premise of the show is incredibly simple, but what makes it so memorable is the peculiar catchphrases like “look at moi” and the relatable mockery of suburban life. You don’t have to be Australian to pick up the jokes, as it finds humour in the ordinary and mundane life of families who live on the outskirts of cities. And this is something that transcends borders.

 Kath and Kim
Kath and Kim on the red carpet (The Guardian)

Channel Seven’s Chief Content Officer, Angus Ross, is one of the behind-the-scenes suits that fans have to thank for the comeback shows. In a statement, he said, “Since I was a young lad, I’ve admired the elegance and poise of Kath Day-Knight – and her clowning glory. “In fact, it’s safe to say she was my first crush.” He continued to share his excitement, “From high-couture to yoga, Kath and Kim have had an immeasurable impact on the world. “While I still find it difficult to look Kath in the eyes without blushing, it is an honour to be able to reunite them with their adoring fans.”

Kath and Kims reunion, titled, Kath & Kim: Our Effluent Life, will come to Channel 7 and 7plus later on this year. UK TV channels are set to bid for the rights to broadcast the show. But it is more probable that it will be released straight to streaming platforms towards the Christmas period. For now, you can prepare by watching all 4 seasons on Netflix.

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Eurovision Song Contest 2023: Liverpool Beats Glasgow to Host

It was a close call, but Liverpool won the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 bid after playing upon its rich musical legacy

Last Friday, the Eurovision fanbase went into meltdown at the announcement that Liverpool will be the next host of the Eurovision Song Contest. There was strong competition from Glasgow, Scotland, who put in a solid bid, but it wasn’t enough to snatch the event.

Eurovision Song Contest
Reactions to the news (Sky News)

In the run-up to the announcement, each city needed to put in a bid. The city teams needed to catch the eyes of the jury, who in this case was the BBC and the Eurovision Broadcasting Union. Liverpool snuck in their mid at the very last minute, with an impressive and powerful video highlighting their cultural achievements throughout history. It also touched upon Liverpool’s open-minded and welcoming spirit.

The BBC’s Director General, Tim Davie, was quick to make a statement: “Congratulations to Liverpool. They will be an amazing host for the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest. Liverpool is such an exciting, warm and vibrant city. It’s the undisputed capital of pop music and is celebrating the 65th anniversary of its twinning with the Ukrainian city of Odesa. I know the people of Liverpool will welcome Europe – and the rest of the world – with open arms, and in partnership, we will create something truly special.”

Now that we know the host city, we also received some much-needed detail on the week-long event itself. Graham Norton announced that the competition will take place at the M&S Bank Arena during the second week of May – which is unexpectingly early, considering the late announcement. The Semi Final 1 will take place on the 9th May 2023, Semi Final 2 on the 11th May, and the glitzy Grand Final will be broadcast on the 13th May. For the first time in decades, all three shows will be broadcast on BBC’s main channel, BBC One and the iPlayer.

The Eurovision Song Contests Executive Supervisor, Martin Österdahl, is delighted with the announcement, and shares his confidence in the BBC’s hosting skills: “Liverpool is the ideal place to host the 67th Eurovision Song Contest on behalf of Ukraine.” He continued: “The city is synonymous with music and Liverpool Arena exceeds all the requirements needed to stage a global event of this scale. We have been very impressed with the passion the city has shown in embracing the Contest and their inclusive ideas for placing last year’s winners, Ukraine, front and centre when thousands of fans visit next May.”

The arena (Sky News)

The last contest was held in 2022, in Turin, Italy, after rock-and-roll sensations, Maneskin snatched the crown a year earlier. But in Italy, Ukraine were triumphant thanks to Kalush Orchestra, who won the hearts of the viewers. However, due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, organisers had huge safety concerns, which ultimately meant that the UK will host in Ukraine’s honour. Although controversial, it remains the right thing to do – especially considering Brit, Sam Ryder, came a close second with the pop banger, Space Man.

Since the announcement was made, fans have been scrambling on travel websites in an attempt to get hotels and flight tickets in Liverpool. In hours, hotels were fully booked and some smaller B&Bs and AirB&Bs have raised their prices to over £20,000 – in some extreme cases. However, the city council are discussing plans for a huge camping field to become available, as well as a cruise ship, in the hope that more fans are able to secure affordable accommodation. Tickets for the Song Contest itself are not available at the moment. But, traditionally, they are released online shortly after the host city is announced. Although, be mindful that demand is high, so it’s best to keep an eagle eye on official ticket sites.

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Cleveland Lido: UK’s Oldest Lido Reopens

Discover Bath’s secret history during a day out at Cleveland Lido

It’s another victory for open water swimming enthusiasts, as the beautiful Cleveland Pools has reopened to the general public after a 40-year battle against the local authorities. “It’s like swimming through history,” says one ecstatic swimmer to the Independent. Despite the hefty price tag, the lido is proof that the only way is up for the UK’s outdoors swimming boom.

Cleveland Lido
The lido (Outdoor Swimming Soceity)

Many campaigners believe that the restoration will add immense value to Bath’s local economy. But, the lido will need to have a lot of visitors considering the mammoth 9.3-million-pound restoration bill – which is set to rise even higher when further developments get underway next year.

The Cleveland Lido is steeped with history, and so is Bath. The Georgian pools were originally built over 200 years ago, with the original purpose of stopping men from swimming naked in the nearby river: the river Avon. The pools were therefore a more private and relaxed way to enjoy swimming, due to the high walls that engulf the water. “The Avon at Bathwick was always popular for bathing for Bath’s ordinary working people,” says the lido’s architect, Barnes, to the Financial Times. “But people swimming in the river didn’t suit polite Georgian society.”

The smooth and sandy walls are impeccably restored to their authentic beauty, thanks to the generous crowdfunding effort that was supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. Cleveland pools originally included a Ladies’ Pool, which has now been converted into a tiny, but state-of-the-art museum. It’s also equipped with modern showers and a spacious changing facility, filled with hairdryers and lockers.

Cleveland Lido
The lido back in the day (

But, there are mixed emotions among the local residents after learning that the pools will be unheated. “How did this city come to build a cold-water lido? After all, Bath is bursting with natural hot springs,” says one visitor to the Financial Times. The irony is that Bath is famous for its natural hot water springs, following the Roman’s declaring the city as a spa in the 1st century AD.

Architect Barnes approached the sensitive restoration with caution. On one hand, he wanted to make sure that the lidos were fit for purpose and could host large numbers of visitors. But, conversely, he wanted to respect the originality of Cleveland Lido, by not changing its iconic crescent aesthetic that so many Bath residents adore. “And we wanted to keep that connection with the river,” says Barnes, who made sure that the pools opened up onto the Avon.

For now, the lido will be Cold Water only. However, for those fearful of the cold, it’s good news, as next year operators hope to install a hot water pump. Althoughnothing is guaranteed as of yet. For now, head down to Bath for an authentic cold-water Georgian experience.

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Ella Henderson Receives Huge Backlash for Performing at Tory Party Event

Is the former X Factor star, Ella Henderson about to be cancelled?

Usually, the Conservative Party Conference is an attempt to rebrand and refresh policies and ideas for their own party and the public. But, this year, the conference has struggled to draw up any positive enthusiasm, thanks to the succession of scandals that have plagued the party. Public frustration at the Tories is reaching an all-time high. People are sick of the harsh immigration policies, the neglect of the economy, and the unprecedented rise in bills. All this anger needs to be directed somewhere, and it appears, former X Factor contestant, Ella Henderson has unexpectedly been caught in the crossfire.

Ella Henderson
Ella (Promotional Shots)

Fans went into meltdown this week as the Lincolnshire-born singer was pictured performing at the tory party conference. The footage shows an upbeat Ella, singing her greatest hits to a room full of MPs and officials in suits. The attendees look quite thrilled at the private show, which is probably due to the fact that most artists reject such offers. However, Ella looked delighted on stage, which angered many of her supporters.

“It’s important to remember in a time we talk about queerbaiting a lot, be conscious that it doesn’t have to involve anything sexually suggestive,” says Chris (@ChrisJaeThey) on Twitter. “One of the prevalent forms of queerbaiting is performing every Pride that’ll pay you on a Saturday, then at a Tory event on a Tuesday,” they continued. Most of the disappointed fans are from the LGBT+ community. To make things worse, Ella’s career has been propped up by the UK’s queer community and she even gigged at Brighton Pride just a few months earlier. Accepting a gig from the Tories, therefore, is a stab in the front – let alone the back.

“Would hate to be on Ella Henderson’s PR team this morning,” says a half joking half serious Twitter user. And, Ella’s PR team has responded, claiming that the event was organised by TikTok, and as a result, the show doesn’t suggest that Ella has political affiliation with the party. The team also claim that Ella was due to perform at the Labour Party conference a week before, but had to pull out due to an illness.

Regardless of whether Ella’s performance was meant to be a political statement or not, it still made a statement. The Conservative Party has had a very real negative impact on many vulnerable communities in the UK, including the LGBT+ community. So, the backlash is unsurprising, to say the least. The world is going through a very tumultuous time, and artists need to be more conscious of the political contexts in which they choose to work in. If Ella didn’t want backlash, she should have remained politically neutral, but she didn’t. Ella decided to follow the money, and for that, she must now face the consequences.

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Velma Comes Out of the Closet: Mystery Solved

Sorry, China, you may want to censor Scooby Doo, too!

It’s not the biggest surprise in the world, but LGBT+ fans are delighted to hear that their suspicions were right all along and that Velma from Scooby Doo is in fact a lesbian. Fans have been picking up on the character’s mannerisms all throughout the animated series and live-action movies and, finally, the show’s creators have confirmed the news, sending fans into a frenzy.

Velma (Pink News)

“In 2001 Velma was explicitly gay in my initial script,” wrote James Gunn, who wrote the early live-action movies. He continued, “But the studio just kept watering it down & watering it down, becoming ambiguous (the version shot), then nothing (the released version) & finally having a boyfriend (the sequel).”

Scooby Doo’s producer, Tony Cervone, was also on the same page. In a lengthy Instagram post during 2020’s Pride Month, he wrote: “I’ve said this before, but Velma in ‘Mystery Incorporated’ is not bi. She’s gay. We always planned on Velma acting a little off and out of character when she was dating Shaggy because that relationship was wrong for her and she had unspoken difficulty with the why. There are hints about the why in that episode with the mermaid, and if you follow the entire Marcie arc it seems as clear as we could make it 10 years ago. I don’t think Marcie and Velma had time to act on their feelings during the main timeline, but post-reset, they are a couple. You can not like it, but this was our intention.”

Velma (Glamour)

For many, the news is a silly news story, which is being used for publicity. Whereas for queer fans, the revelation is more personal, as it means a greater LGBT+ reputation on our screens, especially in a show which caters towards a younger demographic. “OMG LESBIAN VELMA FINALLY CANON CANON IN THE MOVIES LETS GOOOOOO,” says one tweet, which has been liked by over a quarter of a million times.

Many are hailing the news as an important coming-out landmark moment for the lesbian community. Often, in movies and TV, the first characters to come out are gay men. Lesbian characters are mostly snubbed, even in 2022. “I definitely identified with Velma,” says Julie Bindel, in a piece for the Guardian. “Like her, I was always the odd one out. Of course, I didn’t wonder at that young age whether she was a lesbian, but I certainly knew that she was what we used to call a “tomboy”, just like me.”

The Scooby-Doo world has been around for more than half a century. The show touched multiple generations, and so, Velma’s coming out is an important moment which will unite a wide age range of people – who at some point in their lives – found relatability and escapism in the cute and goofy, Velma Dinkley.

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Self-Help Books for Young People Struggling With Their Mental Health

Need a hand with your mental health? There are lots of self-help books out there that may hit the spot! Here are a few to get you started…

It’s no secret that young people are facing a mental health epidemic. COVID-19, crumbling political systems, environmental catastrophes and the rise of social media are all contributing to a profound impact on people’s mental well-being. And the statistics are alarming! As a result, many young people are looking toward alternative methods of therapy, that are often cheaper and easier to access – such as self-help books. Here is a list of self-help books that are easily digestible for someone with little prior knowledge. 

Some other honourable mentions (Hello Giggles)

According to Young Minds, one in six children aged 5 to 16 has reported having mental health issues. What’s more shocking is that from 2018 to 2019 – so before the pandemic – 24% of 17-year-olds have self-harmed in the past year, with 7% having self-harmed with the intent of suicide. With an underfunded NHS, and a lack of mental health support in schools, colleges and universities, they have been left alone to deal with their issues. So, it’s no wonder self-help books are becoming so popular.

An Untehtherd Soul 

The Unethered Soul
The Unethered Soul Book Cover (Blue Mind Sky)

Don’t be put off by the outrageously kitsch front cover, this book is pretty much one of the most well-known books for those seeking a more spiritual way out of a hard place. The author, Michael Singer, has decided to interpret eastern spiritual philosophies into a more digestible read for western audiences. The book starts with the basics and gradually gets into more depth. It is a clear description of how the mind works, and how past traumas can program the mind into a negative set of patterns. It also offers a set of simple instructions on how to clear the blockages and open your mind, body and soul to a more joyful way of life. This book will equip you with everything you need to know to begin your mind-altering journey. 

The Power of Now 

Self-Help Books
Tolle with Oprah (Rotten Tomatos)

The Power of Now is probably one of the most well-known and successful self-help books of all time. Since being published in 1997, it has sold over 3 million copies in the US alone, and has been translated into 33 different languages – it is even a firm favourite of Oprah Winfrey. And, there’s a reason for this success, as it has changed the lives of millions of people. In a nutshell, the book is a journey into living in the present moment. Eckhart Tolle, the author, tells the reader how living in the now is the gateway to a happy life. When you look at the past, you get depressed, when you look at the future, you get anxious. Life only happens in the present moment, and if you want to escape suffering, then you must aim to live in the narrow window of the now. It’s one of the easiest things to do to change your life, but also the hardest. But, Tolle has a clear set of instructions based on his own hardships, and after a few chapters, you already notice a profound shift in your psyche. If you make it past the hippy-dippy first chapter, then you’re in for a life-changing experience!

The Chimp Paradox

Self-Help Books
The Chimp Paradox (Tandem Financial)

The Chimp Paradox: The Mind Management Programme to Help You Achieve Success, Confidence and Happiness – is the full title. And, the long title is necessary because it actually helps you achieve all these things. The book uses the metaphor of your inner chimp – that everyone has – which is basically your inner wild self who is chaotic and uncontrolled. Via mind management techniques, it helps you tame your inner wild and control your emotions. It does this by following a three-step process: first, recognise how your mind is working; then, understand your emotions and thoughts, and finally, it teaches you how to manage yourself and become a better person. This book is particularly good for those who have ADHD tendencies. 

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

Self-Help Books
Book Cover (Medium)

This number 1 New York Times best-seller, written by Mark Manson, has sold over 10 million copies, in just 6 years. The immense appeal of this self-help book is the blunt approach to therapy, which has a heavy dose of humour. It teaches the reader how to cut through the crap, and “show us how to stop trying to be ‘positive’ all the time so that we can truly become better, happier people.” The important premise of the book is that it teaches you what to care about and what to not care about, and how happiness, resilience, and freedom come from being aware of the rubbish that surrounds you. 

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Lizzo’s The Special Tour Hits Europe and “It’s About Damn Time”

Lizzo is on her way to Europe, and she’s bringing her iconic flute to The Special Tour

Since solidifying herself as one of the main pop girls, Lizzo has been notoriously America-focused. But finally, Lizzo is giving her European fans what they want, after announcing a mammoth 15-date tour, titled, The Special Tour 2023, which will finish in the iconic o2 arena in London.

Lizzo on tour (Rolling Stone)

“IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME THE SPECIAL TOUR CAME TO THE UK AND EUROPE! YALL BEEN WAITING FOR THIS ONE,” says Lizzo to her adoring fans on Twitter. British fans will have ample opportunity to catch the Truth Hurts singer on one of the dates, which includes six UK cities; Machester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Dublin, and of course, London. Tickets go on sale this week.

Lizzo first broke out onto the music scene in 2017, with the old-school-inspired track, Juice. The track was championed by BBC radio and helped propel Lizzo to the dizzy heights of fame. But it wasn’t the single that got everyone’s attention, as the follow-up. Truth Hurts overtook Juice and became Lizzo’s first breakout hit. Since then, Truth Hurts has racked up an impressive 800 million stream count and Spotify and has even won a Grammy for Best Solo Performance.

Part of Lizzo’s appeal is her humble relatability. Before her commercial success, Lizzo was working hard to find her USP and her audience. In 2013, Lizzo released Lizzobangers, and in 2015, Big Grrrl Small World – but to little success. Lizzo was struggling to finalise what kind of artist she wanted to be. “The big Black girls were always the belters, and I’ve always been afraid of being put into that box,” says Lizzo, discussing stereotyping in the industry. “That’s how we were tokenised.” But as Lizzo started to embrace herself, her sound and her unique quirks, she began to get attention for all the right reasons.

Now, Lizzo is an inspiration for many fans who are struggling with body confidence issues in the context of a vain and superficial world. In an interview with People Magazine and Glamour, Lizzo recalls, “I was body negative for a long time.” She continues, “to continue to live in this body and survive in this body and be happy and actually enjoy life, I need to find a way to like myself.” With this positive mindset, Lizzo hopes to share her love and talent with a European audience. And for that reason alone, it’s not one to be missed. Tickets go on sale this week.

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Mel B Delivers a Powerful Speech on Domestic Abuse at the Tory Party Conference

Mel B gave a powerful speech as a patron and representative for the charity, Women Aid

For decades, Mel B has been the cornerstone of the Brit-pop supergroup, the Spice Girls. For those who don’t know, each Spice Girl had its own character and façade. For Mel B, she was known as Scary Spice: a tough, outspoken individual who appears to be confident and dominant. It came as quite a shock, then, to discover that Melanie Brown has been a victim of domestic violence during her 10-year marriage to Stephen Belafonte. Now, Mel B is a passionate campaigner for victims of domestic abuse and violence and is proving that anyone can fall victim to abuse, regardless of public perception.

Mel B
Mel B and the Speak Out campaign (The Sun)

“I’m probably the last person you would expect to find at a Tory Party conference,” says Mel B, breaking the ice. “I am not here because I am Mel B, Scary Spice from the Spice Girls,” she said to the conference. “I am here because I am Melanie Brown MBE.” Mel B was speaking as a representative of the charity, Women’s aid, in an event organised by the Sun Newspaper. The singer and now reality show judge became a patron of the charity in 2018 and since has been fronting some major campaigns.

Mel B publicly shared her experiences after the release of her 2018 memoir, Brutally Honest. The book was a powerful reminder that anyone is susceptible to abuse, as it documented the horrific long-term physical, sexual, verbal, and financial abuse from her ex-husband, film producer, Stephen Belafonte. Despite Mel B’s daughters corroborating the stories, Stephen still denies claims.

“We need to reform everything, the courts, the police, even GPs, even people in your work environment, HR, you need to have a safe place where you can go without any shame and know the warning signs,” said Mel B. The UK’s leading domestic violence charities are particularly concerned with the rise of domestic violence cases and the decline in funding. Now, in the midst of a harsh cost of living crisis, cases are expected to have a sharp incline. Studies show that household income has a considerable impact on the prevalence of abuse. Therefore, the cost of living crisis is a ticking time bomb.

Covid-19 also played a large part in the rise in abuse across the country. The charity, MSI Repoductibe Choices saw a 33% rise in domestic violence reports during lockdown. And, as the government’s advice was to stay indoors, victims often had nowhere to turn to when they were in dire need of support and refuge. However, it’s important to note that the cost of living crisis and COVID-19 are not the root causes of domestic abuse and violence. “We are not ready yet as a society to support women and that is the fundamental question,” says Farah Nazeer, the chief executive of Women’s Aid. “This is due to sexism and misogyny that underpins all those systems. They are not created to recognise the harm that women face on a daily basis,” she continued.

“As a Spice Girl I am the embodiment of girl power and for 10 years I was completely powerless,” said a passionate Mel B. “In these times of absolute economic chaos, with the massive issue of domestic abuse, I don’t want it to slip down the agenda.”

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Race Across the World is Back Soon With a Much-Hyped Third Season

Race Across the World: The show that got us through lockdown is back!

Cast your minds back to the late spring/early summer of 2020. We were all housebound, our travel plans scrapped or put on hold and confined to four walls. Fortunately, millions of Brits found an hour of escapism each week, as 6 lucky couples competed in a race across the world. Finally, after a two-year break, the show is back, and it’s coming much sooner than you think.

Race Across the World
The season 2 couples (Nine)

TV critic and BBC podcaster Scott Bryan broke the news on Twitter, “SERIES THREE HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED,” shouts Scott. He continues, “no announcement on the date of when #RaceAcrossThrWorld is returning, apart from that it is “back soon.” Despite having very few details, this has been enough to kickstart a storm of excitement online, as many fans were wondering whether the show had been scrapped.

So far, there have been two seasons. Both are equally as riveting but are completely different – which is mostly due to the fact that the race takes place in completely different locations. Season 1 kickstarted in Greenwich, London, and finished in Singapore – on top of the grand Marina Bay Sands luxury hotel. Season 2 took place on the other side of the world, starting in Mexico City and ending in the most southern city on the planet, Ushuaia. Each couple is competing to take home a cash prize of £20,000. But the real reward is the life-changing trip which often has a profound impact on their relationships.

Race Across the World
Season 1 favourites (Oxford Mail)

You are probably thinking, “well this doesn’t sound too difficult, can’t they just catch a plane?” The rules state that they have to make the journey from A to B with the price of only one airfare ticket each (which is a couple of thousand dollars.) The couples must also make the gruelling journey to multiple checkpoints, in which the slowest contestants are sometimes sent home. The upcoming second season starts in Vancouver, Canada, and ends in North America’s most eastern city, St Johns, in Newfoundland, and Labrador. It’s likely that this year, the contestants are going to battle some intense terrain and ever-changing weather conditions.

BBC’s Media Centre released a statement describing the premise of the new season, “Taking place against the stunning backdrop of Canada but with no mobile phone, internet access or credit cards to assist them, the competing travellers will discover that to reach the finish line quickest and win the £20 000 cash prize, they need to rely on the kindness of strangers and use every ounce of their travel skills and ingenuity.”

Season 3 will air on BBC One and the iPlayer in a primetime mid-week slot. There is also a Celebrity Race Across the World series in the pipeline, so watch this space, as it seems like there’s plenty more to come.