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Conor Maynard breaks social media silence after being named as dad of The Traitors star’s baby

Conor Maynard has reemerged on social media following the revelation that he is the father of The Traitors star Charlotte Chilton’s baby. Charlotte, who announced her pregnancy earlier this month, confirmed that Conor is the father of her unborn daughter.

Charlotte shared that she met Conor, 31, at a nightclub the night the final of The Traitors aired, with Harry Clark, the show’s winner and the boyfriend of Conor’s sister Anna, orchestrating their introduction. Despite the initial positive reception from Conor when she informed him about the pregnancy, Charlotte mentioned that their discussions about co-parenting deteriorated over time, with Conor expressing reluctance to take on the role of a father.

Conor, who had remained silent about the situation, recently posted on social media, teasing the release of a new single on July 5th. However, he did not address the baby news, prompting fans to urge him to respond to the ongoing speculation. Charlotte, preparing to welcome her “miracle baby,” emphasized her determination to ensure her daughter knows her father’s identity and refused to be silenced about the situation.

Charlotte’s comments highlight her readiness to raise the child alone but insist on the importance of her daughter knowing her origins, rejecting the notion of her being a “dirty secret.”

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