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Meet Eugenio Franceschini: The New Heartthrob on ‘Emily in Paris’ Season 4

After three enthralling seasons set in the City of Lights, “Emily in Paris” is veering into a delightful detour. This season, the beloved series embarks on a Roman Holiday, bringing fresh excitement and drama. Recently, Lily Collins, alongside her new co-star Eugenio Franceschini, was seen filming in the historic streets of Rome, sparking curiosity and anticipation among fans.

Lily Collins announced her arrival in Rome via Instagram, sharing snapshots of iconic sites like the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain, where she and Eugenio were pictured tossing coins—an act promising new beginnings or perhaps new romances? Given the dramatic end to Season 3, which saw Emily Cooper’s love life in disarray, newcomer Eugenio could be the new romantic interest stirring Emily’s heart.

Who is Eugenio Franceschini? At 32, Eugenio Franceschini is not a newcomer to the acting world but might be a fresh face to “Emily in Paris” enthusiasts. Originating from Verona, Italy, Eugenio’s acting career spans over a decade with notable roles in various Italian films and TV series. Among his credits are performances in “Grand Hotel,” “Reckless,” and the recent “Màkari.”

Eugenio Franceschini
Eugenio Franceschini

His prowess in acting was recognized early on when he received the Guglielmo Biraghi Award by the Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists for his role in the 2014 rom-com “Sapore di te.” Additionally, audiences might recognize him as Ormando Albizzi from the first season of the hit historical drama “Medici.”

While much about his character in “Emily in Paris” remains under wraps, the production and Lily Collins herself have teased that the upcoming season will be packed with “more fun, more fashion, and plenty of drama.” Lily hinted that this season would be pivotal for Emily, challenging her to reassess her desires and the direction of her life. As Emily’s adventures unfold in Rome, fans are left wondering if this season will see her finding or losing love.

As the series films its fourth season, details about the release date remain uncertain, though hints suggest a premiere could occur later this year. With Rome as the backdrop, the new season promises to blend the series’ trademark style with the timeless charm of Italian cinema, potentially mirroring the nostalgic allure of the 1953 classic film “Roman Holiday.”

As we await the return of “Emily in Paris,” the addition of Eugenio Franceschini is sure to bring a fresh dynamic to the beloved series, promising new stories and perhaps new romances under the Roman sun. Stay tuned, as Emily might just find more than just career success in the beautiful streets of Rome.

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