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The End of a Fantastic Show – ‘What We Do In The Shadows’ Cancelled

Just as all good things come to an end, the TV show ‘What We Do In The Shadows’, based on the 2014 film of the same name is being canceled after six seasons. If you haven’t seen the wildly funny TV mockumentary yet, it follows the lives of four vampire roommates and their human familiar in Staten Island. They fumble through life without the finesse or intelligence usually possessed by immortals, while a documentary crew chronicles their mishaps.

The show was created by Jemaine Clement, who along with Taika Waititi had written the film on which the show is based. While it’s always challenging to adapt a movie to a television show, What We Do In The Shadows has proven otherwise, raking in 21 Emmy Award nominations. The comedy is often absurd and the writers take creative liberties to expand upon the vampiric lore to not box the script in.

The show, just like its central characters is very queer (and poly). Horror as a genre has often been queer-coded and earlier writers like Bram Stoker have been believed to be queer himself by fans. Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire television remake, First Kill, and What We Do In The Shadows embrace the omnipresent queer subtext in horror and get silly with it. Vampirism as an allegory for queerness can finally take a rest as a film trope.

Season 5 concluded in August and the final season is expected to be out sometime next year. If you’ve already watched all the 5 seasons that are available on streaming, and can’t wait for season 6, you could check out Wellington Paranormal – the first television show in the franchise. Taika Waititi has also teased the possibility of another spin-off about the werewolves in the franchise.

By- Debbie

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