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Dave and Central Cee release tHEIr joint EP ‘Split Decision’

Dave and Central Cee have wasted no time in releasing their joint EP, ‘Split Decision,’ shortly after dropping their initial collaboration, “Sprinter.”

This exciting release features not only “Sprinter” but also three fresh tracks, including the intriguingly titled “Our 25th Birthday.” Interestingly, the two artists share a close age proximity, with Dave celebrating his birthday on the EP’s release date (June 5th) and Central Cee’s birthday occurring the day before.

Dave’s musical prowess has been recognized with prestigious awards such as the Mercury and Brit Awards for his debut album, ‘Psychodrama,’ released in 2019. His 2021 follow-up, ‘We’re All Alone in This Together,’ garnered a MOBO Award and secured him another Brit Award for Best Hip Hop/Grime/Rap Act.

Central Cee made a splash in 2022 with his chart-topping mixtape, ’23,’ which featured the smash hit “Obsessed With You.” He continued his success with his most popular song to date, “Doja,” and earlier in 2023, he unveiled the single “Me & You.”

In the coming weeks, Central Cee is scheduled to perform on the Other Stage at Glastonbury and make an appearance at the Governors Ball Festival in New York.

Now, let’s delve into the track listing for ‘Split Decision‘:

  1. Trojan Horse
  2. Sprinter
  3. Our 25th Birthday
  4. UK Rap

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