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Here’s How to Dress Like TV Characters

Are you amazed by TV fashion? Well, with just a bit of online help, maybe you can dress like tv characters from your favourite shows

Popular contemporary shows are known for their meticulously-thought fashion and the characters embodying their pieces. Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon were praised by their amazing costume department, as was the original Gossip Girl while it ran. 

But, those interested in buying some of these pieces tend to have a hard time finding them, or any replicas, online. Except for the most brand-apparent clothes, it’s hard to find some random, albeit fashionable, flats Blair Waldorf wore a decade ago just by searching on Amazon. 

The trend of finding out what TV characters and their actors wear on TV is as old as TV itself. And, in the early days of the internet, there were forums and Facebook groups dedicated to the task of helping fans dress like TV characters. But now, this process has become slightly more refined, with entire websites committed to finding as many replicas or dupes as possible. 

blair gossip girl

© Gossip Girl is just one of the many websites proposing solutions for fans who want to take a page out of the book of these shows. Basically, the site features a bunch of shows and pictures of their characters, identifying the pieces they wore or similar replicas that can be purchased online. It also has a site link to buy the piece on the spot, assuming they’re not sold out. While many of them could be already sold out or might not be the exact piece worn by that character, it’s a genuinely helpful pointer in the right direction for those walking the road of fashion.

The website also features outfits from Emily in Paris, Euphoria, Riverdale, Dynasty, Yellowstone and Black-ish. It also has a section for talk shows and reality shows, and a whole directory of Netflix shows you can choose from. Additionally, there are categories for men and plus-sized users, and a section for outlet shopping, in case you’d like to purchase outfits at a lower price.

Of course, even if you do decide to check out the website, there are bound to be a couple of pieces you’ll still have trouble finding. So, it’s not an exact science yet.

TV characters and celebrities tend to have dedicated fashion stylists and serve as inspiration for many brands. And, although even they don’t always get fashion right, they get it right more often than we do. So, it’s no surprise we’d also like to look like many of them.

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