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Scorpio Season: 3 Reasons It’s Not As Bad As You’ve Heard

Approach Scorpio season with caution, but it’s not all bad

Scorpio can often get the “bad boy” rep of the Zodiac. Its dark and twisty desires, its reclusive nature, and its representation by the Death card in the Tarot doesn’t always make it a fan favourite. However, while it may initially seem intimidating, Scorpio season can actually be a force for good. Here are three reasons why Scorpio Season isn’t as bad as you’ve heard.

1. It Is A Time For Reflection

scorpio seasonScorpio is reclusive, thoughtful and, at times, isolated. But what’s so bad about that? In our lives, there are very few opportunities we get to step back so we can go within. Within our homes, within ourselves, and even within the inner recesses of our own thoughts, habits and patterns. Into those caverns that are just out of reach of our day-to-day life and our conscious thoughts. That’s right, the realm of the subconscious, Scorpio’s favourite.

So often the things we do confuse us, the choices we make, and the messes we seem to get ourselves into sometimes. But Scorpio season allows us to slow way down from our busy work-a-day lives and take some time for introspection and reflection. We are moving towards the new year, so what doesn’t get to come with us? Are there habits that don’t serve us, patterns we’d like to drop, or inner blocks we’d like to clear? Scorpio season is the perfect time to figure all that out.

Why not take a pass on the party scene this season, and instead grab a cosy blanket and journal? Get to know yourself again, Scorpio season is here to support you on your quest.

2. It Allows Us To Reinvent Ourselves

Scorpio SeasonScorpio is represented by the death card in the Tarot which is not always everyone’s favourite to see come across their spread. But all that death means is the end of a cycle, which is not always a bad thing. Think about it, weren’t you glad when that toxic relationship ended, or you quit that dead-end job, or even when you separated from that friend group that was holding you back?

Endings are simply gateways to new beginnings, and that is exactly what Scorpio season represents, a simple changing of the guard. When we begin to recognize patterns or habits that no longer serve us, we get a chance to make changes, and reinvent ourselves, if you will. We can decide we want to be more confident, more self-aware, or even take on new challenges. Perhaps during our time of deep reflection, we decide that a 9-5 job is no longer for us and instead we want to pursue our passion.

We get the opportunity to be whoever we want to be, because we have taken our “time in the dark” if you will, to figure out who that is. We get the chance t to show up on the other side of the season and the new year as the exact person we want to be. What a gift!

3. It Is The Darkness Before the Very Bright Dawn

Scorpio SeasonComing out of Scorpio season is a bit like coming out of a big hibernation and stepping into a new self. All of that time of reclusion if used correctly can give us huge insights into ourselves, our relationships, and our lives. So, what do we do with all that wisdom? We use it! We come out of the cave and reinvent ourselves. We see things from a new perspective and we get to walk out of our time within, to a bright new time on the out. Outside that is.

When things are ending it can often feel like a dark time in our lives. When we are left all alone to examine our choices, our behaviours and our patterning we can feel very isolated. Perhaps our old life is slipping away and that can include partners, friends, or even jobs, which does not always feel good.

Yes, Scorpio isn’t the sign of the scorpion for no reason. The departure of these things is not always tactful and the sting of the scorpion can really hurt. But it is all for the highest good because right on the other side of that darkness, is a very bright dawn indeed.

Think about when you had a painful breakup for example. It hurt right? For days, weeks, maybe even months, but eventually you came out of that dark place and moved to a place of perspective and understanding. You moved on to bigger and better. You grew from the experience, found strength, and maybe even a new partner to boot. You saw where in your life you could learn and grow, even if it wasn’t exactly pleasant. So one of the ways to make it through this season is to keep looking for the dawn, remember it’s coming, and look forward to it because it is well on its way!

Scorpio season doesn’t always get a warm welcome. But as is the case with many things that are good for us in the long run, it might be a little dark at the beginning, but by the end, we come out brighter than ever.

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