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Race Across the World is Back Soon With a Much-Hyped Third Season

Race Across the World: The show that got us through lockdown is back!

Cast your minds back to the late spring/early summer of 2020. We were all housebound, our travel plans scrapped or put on hold and confined to four walls. Fortunately, millions of Brits found an hour of escapism each week, as 6 lucky couples competed in a race across the world. Finally, after a two-year break, the show is back, and it’s coming much sooner than you think.

Race Across the World

The season 2 couples (Nine)

TV critic and BBC podcaster Scott Bryan broke the news on Twitter, “SERIES THREE HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED,” shouts Scott. He continues, “no announcement on the date of when #RaceAcrossThrWorld is returning, apart from that it is “back soon.” Despite having very few details, this has been enough to kickstart a storm of excitement online, as many fans were wondering whether the show had been scrapped.

So far, there have been two seasons. Both are equally as riveting but are completely different – which is mostly due to the fact that the race takes place in completely different locations. Season 1 kickstarted in Greenwich, London, and finished in Singapore – on top of the grand Marina Bay Sands luxury hotel. Season 2 took place on the other side of the world, starting in Mexico City and ending in the most southern city on the planet, Ushuaia. Each couple is competing to take home a cash prize of £20,000. But the real reward is the life-changing trip which often has a profound impact on their relationships.

Race Across the World

Season 1 favourites (Oxford Mail)

You are probably thinking, “well this doesn’t sound too difficult, can’t they just catch a plane?” The rules state that they have to make the journey from A to B with the price of only one airfare ticket each (which is a couple of thousand dollars.) The couples must also make the gruelling journey to multiple checkpoints, in which the slowest contestants are sometimes sent home. The upcoming second season starts in Vancouver, Canada, and ends in North America’s most eastern city, St Johns, in Newfoundland, and Labrador. It’s likely that this year, the contestants are going to battle some intense terrain and ever-changing weather conditions.

BBC’s Media Centre released a statement describing the premise of the new season, “Taking place against the stunning backdrop of Canada but with no mobile phone, internet access or credit cards to assist them, the competing travellers will discover that to reach the finish line quickest and win the £20 000 cash prize, they need to rely on the kindness of strangers and use every ounce of their travel skills and ingenuity.”

Season 3 will air on BBC One and the iPlayer in a primetime mid-week slot. There is also a Celebrity Race Across the World series in the pipeline, so watch this space, as it seems like there’s plenty more to come.

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