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Mercury Rx Survival Guide: Safe Guard Your Love Life

7 Ways to Survive During Mercury Rx

Batten down the hatches, call in reinforcements, and for heaven’s sake block your ex’s number! It’s time for another episode of “as the world turns,” Mercury Rx edition.

Mercury retrograde, or Mercury Rx as it is affectionately known, is a time when Mercury, the trickster planet of communication, peaks its head back into hiding. Miscommunications abound, electronic chaos ensues and any unfinished business, comes back around, including any pesky exes we have loose ends with. While Mercury retrograde might not rank at the top of our astrological wish list, it can be navigated, and even used to our advantage!

So, check out these tips for Mercury Rx survival and the 7 ways you can make sure your love life doesn’t feel the effects of Mercury’s descent into retrograde, and the astrological descent into anarchy. We are going to show you how to survive this Mercury Rx–with style.

1. Tie Up Loose Ends

Tie up Lose Ends during Mercury Rx


If you can’t beat ’em–join ’em! If Mercury Rx is here to tie up your loose ends for you anyway, why not beat it to the punch? The fewer loose ends you have, the less havoc Mercury Rx can wreak in your life! So, it’s time to take inventory.

What things in your love life are still left undone? Have you been putting off ending things with an ex once and for all?  Have you been secretly following their new girlfriend on Instagram for months? It’s time to cut the ties and start a new path.

Anything that may still be lingering in your love life will be brought to the forefront at this time and could turn out to bite you in the booty if it’s not dealt with. An ex showing up on one of your dates or your ex’s new girlfriend catching you snooping, for example. None of which is a good look. So, if you have been putting something off, avoiding it, or denying its existence at all, well now is the time to get real, get serious, and get it done!

 2. Avoid Conflict Whenever Possible

meditation during mercury rx


While you absolutely want to tie up loose ends in your love life, especially around the past,  it’s also important to use your discernment for the present to decide which issues need immediate addressing and which can wait. Mercury Rx is not the time to hash out big marital issues, long-fought battles, or make big decisions on breakups or divorces. Mercury Rx can be quite the trickster, twisting your words, causing miscommunications, and keeping the fight going long after it should have ended. Think of it like trying to communicate through Jello. Your message will get garbled, your true intentions blurred and what you genuinely want to say, could get seriously misconstrued. It’s just not a good time for big, heavy discussions.  So ask yourself, can this wait?

3. Choose Your Words Wisely


This Mercury Rx happens to fall smack in the middle of Virgo season. While Virgo-style communication can come across as cold and unfeeling, one thing it certainly is is precise. Precision in language can be a real asset, especially in communication with our partners when emotions are running high, and listening skills are running low. Using the precision of Virgo season in your communication could be a real lifesaver.

Although unemotional communication doesn’t sit well with every sign, one thing it does do is leave little to no room for misinterpretation. Just in time too because Mercury Rx is a time when miscommunication abounds, as we discovered in the last survival tip.

 4. Avoid Contracts

communication during mercury rx


To sign or not to sign? That is the question. But, during Mercury Rx, the answer is almost always ‘do not sign.’ Mercury Rx not only messes with verbal communication but it can also twist written communication, so contracts are a no-no.

That could mean anything from signing a contract on a new house, to opening a bank account together, to even a marriage license! Anything that requires a signature is better to wait on, if possible. Of course, we live in a world full of deadlines and timeframes so somethings these things can’t be avoided, but if they can, opt for that. If they can’t then make sure to read the fine print!

  5. Think Twice Before You Text

texting during mercury rx


Think of Mercury Retrograde as an annoyed partner looking to pick a fight, it is committed to misunderstanding you. So, what do you usually do in a situation where the more you say the less you are understood? You say less! That is a good general rule for retrograde, less is more.

Text messages are a realm where misunderstandings abound to begin with. When we can’t hear someone’s tone or intonation it can be easy to misconstrue the intent. We can start filling in the gaps ourselves and often we tend to assume the worst. We mistake a stray period for a sign of aggression, suddenly the usually innocent laughing emoji takes on a mocking undertone. These are the ways Mercury Rx can really mess with our minds and our relationships.

  6. Double Check Your Plans

planning during mercury rx


Did she say to meet at Starbucks on the 5th at 7:00 or the Starbucks on the 7th at 5:00? Double check!

Miscommunications abound during this testy time, so make sure you double, triple, and quadruple-check your plans. Leave early and allow plenty of time to get to your destination and make sure you’ve got the time, date, and location all on lock. Otherwise, you could find yourself driving to the wrong Starbucks, at the wrong time and causing all kinds of couples chaos as your partner waits impatiently at the location they thought they had made so clear. Trust us, it’s far easier to just double-check than to spend half your day driving around the city only to finally meet up with a perturbed partner.

   7. Find the Humor

Couple laughing together


Sometimes it’s so bad it’s good, sometimes it’s so wrong it’s right, and sometimes it’s so sad it’s just funny. So, find the calm in the chaos and find the humor in the hilarious hijinks that Mercury Rx can sometimes bring us. When you have to repeat yourself for the third time, laugh away, when you and your partner end up at two separate locations, give it a giggle, when your computer crashes losing half your newly written article (true story), then just chuckle and start again. Maybe it was better the second time anyway, that’s the thing about the retrograde.

Stay safe out there friends, Mercury Rx can be a real doozy. But with these 7 tips you are more than prepared to not just survive this retrograde but actually come out thriving on the other side. So walk through this retrograde with your head and heels high and remember you’ve got this. (Even if it doesn’t feel like it.)

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