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What This Venus In Leo Will Mean For Your Love Life

Are you feeling the Leo flame this season?

As Venus, the planet of love makes its grand entrance into the fiery sign of Leo, we are all certainly feeling the flame! So, what does the energy of the Leo lion taking on the planet of love mean for you and your relationships? A lot! 

Leo is the fire sign of the fire signs, meaning it is pure heat baby! Leo is the sign of the lion, king of the jungle, and for good reason, because Leo loves nothing more than to be heard, seen, and admired. It loves the spotlight and is proud to comb its mane while being showered with compliments. If you are picking up a hint of ego here then you are right on target, ego is the Leo shadow, and can show up in a very “my way or the highway” kind of thinking.  And when a Leo lion begins to roar its opinions, look out, because it can be hard to get a word in edgewise!

As with most fire signs, all that passion, intensity, and energy can be used to create a fiery romance or be used to burn relationships to the ground. Yikes. So, with all the fun and frivolity that Leo can bring to your love life, be careful that the fire doesn’t get too hot. Relationships are a dance, a give and take between two people, and when one person is running the show or calling all the shots, it can quickly become unsustainable. So, bask in the glow of the Leo fire but be careful you don’t use the energy to burn your partner. 

So how can you best take advantage of the fiery passion that Venus in Leo provides? 

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Step Your Love Into the Spotlight 

Leo loves the spotlight, the thrill of the performance and the visibility of leadership. It adores seeing and being seen so why not work with that energy and take your love life out on the town? Find some passionate adventures that can help bring your love life out into the public eye. Dressing up for a fancy dinner at a rooftop restaurant can bring a sense of glam and visibility to your relationship that can ignite the energy of this time. Take some glitzy couples photos, or attend a few more parties than usual. Really shine the light on your love!  Remember even if it is not something you or your partner are generally interested in, the Leo love light can do some very interesting things to your love life! Be bold and give it a try. Take your love out on the town and see how it brings new aspects of romance to your relationship. 

Shine The Light On Your Leo Partner’s Best Features 

The Leo lion loves to be admired, and let’s be real, don’t we all love a little recognition sometimes? Well now is that time! Try an activity like writing down your favourite things about your partner and have them do the same about you. Place them in a jar or bowl, pull out one per day, and read them out loud to each other. These should be fun and exciting, not necessarily things like “I like that you do the dishes” (although for the Virgos in the room that could be one of the highest forms of praise!) but try for things that would make the lion spread its mane in pride, things like “You look great in your new yoga pants”, ” I love how passionate you are about your music”, ” I love the way you kiss me good morning”. Things that stoke the love fire and use the big Leo vibes to give your partner all the acknowledgement they deserve! And bonus points if you decorate the jar together! 

P.S. Leo is very creative so you could also write lines from a poem, use song lyrics, or even pictures in the jar exercise to express your true feelings for your one and only! 

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Ignite The Fire of Passion 

Sometimes between daily tasks, to-do lists, jobs, cars, bills, and all the other responsibilities we have to juggle, our love lights can go a little dim. Our routines can take over and our love lives can become downright boring. But Venus in Leo will be having none of that and is asking us all to re-light the passion fire in a big way. There are all kinds of fun and creative ways to do this and Leo’s are often passionate lovers so a great place to start is the bedroom! Think about including some naughty dice or card games, even food, toys, or new positions into your bedroom repertoire. Try setting the mood using literal fire;  candles, a cozy fire in the fireplace, or even a fireside outdoor getaway. Try to use the element of fire to make more fire! Utilizing the elemental aspects of the signs is a great way to get inspired and find powerful ways to intensify the energy. Remember they have elemental ties for a reason.

Single? Get ready to mingle

If you’re single and have been looking to turn up the volume on romance in your life, now is the time to crank it! As we’ve mentioned, the Leo lion loves to shine, so that energy will really support you in the journey of putting yourself out there. If you’ve been hesitant to make that dating app profile, go on that blind date, or talk to that cute coworker, now is your time! It can be easy, especially after some dating letdowns, to want to crawl back into our home caves and never come out. But, unless your future partner happens to be a deep cave explorer or your maintenance person, they might have a hard time finding you in there. So, take a step into the spotlight, remember Leo is the lion- bold, fierce, and brave. Channel some of that energy and let yourself be seen and your voice heard. Tell that secret crush how you feel, take the first step on a dating app, or make the first move on a hot date. Take a little walk on the wild side and take charge of your love life. And, while you’re at it, why not roar to the universe exactly what you want? A love life that is written in the stars! 

Whether you are single, in a committed relationship, or somewhere in between everyone can benefit from the fiery passion that Venus in Leo brings. Take advantage of it and let your inner love lion roar! 

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