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Liz Truss Accused of Having ‘Sewage On Her Hands’ Over Cuts

The exposed cuts could have dire consequences for the party and Truss’ odds of becoming Prime Minister

Another day, another public scandal for the Conservative party. This time, raw sewage has been reported by the public in rivers and seas up and down the country. Liz Truss, who is one of the favourites to replace Boris Johnson as the new Prime Minister, is being blamed as it’s been reported that Truss oversaw a cut to funds that tackles water pollution.

Liz Truss Accused of Having 'Sewage On Her Hands'

One of Britains affected river (FT)

“Liz Truss has sewage on her hands,” says a report from the Guardian. The Environmental Agency announced that Truss was responsible for cutting £235 million from their budget, of which £80 million was for sewage monitors. The reports followed public outrage at the nation’s beauty spots that have been polluted with toxic waste. Those living near Britain’s most beloved beaches are particularly worried about the impact that this will have on their jobs and livelihood, as the pollution is likely to deter visitors from going on British holidays, and so, will cause businesses to suffer. 

Teeside, a town in the North East, is one of the hardest hit locations in this sewage scandal. Mayor, Andy Preston, told the BBC that he is telling people to stay away from the town: “It’s never a good time to tell people to stay away from the coast, especially in the summer when our beaches are busy with people on holiday,” Mr. Preston said. “I cannot do anything directly but I can rouse the public to get Northumbrian Water to fix it.” But there is only so much that a small town can do, as this is a nationwide scandal. “All I want to do is get people to put pressure on water companies, as I really don’t think such big profit-making businesses are under enough pressure,” he said. 

Liz Truss Accused of Having 'Sewage On Her Hands'

Sewage data (BBC News)

One of the main causes of the sewage overflow into the waters is the enormous cuts to the monitors. The monitors are the technology that companies use to regulate the amount of sewage that is spilling into the seas and rivers. But, clearly, the cuts to funding have contributed to a shortage in technology, and as a result, sewage levels are not being controlled. 

The opposition party has jumped at the opportunity to condemn Liz Truss and the Conservative Party’s shameful action. The shadow Environment Secretary, Jim McMahon said “Under the Tories, the country is facing a crisis in our water supply.” He continued to express how the nation’s water infrastructure is at a “bursting point,” not only due to the sewage spills but also due to the sheer volume of wasted water. “The fact that Liz Truss was the one to cut the EA so severely, not only demonstrates her lack of foresight, but also her lack of care for the detail in recognising the need to adapt to the serious flooding that had just happened on her watch.”

Raw sewage in the seas

Raw sewage in the seas (The Independent)

After the unprecedented summer, characterized by droughts and record-breaking heat, the nation is becoming increasingly aware of the consequences of climate change. The latest tory scandal is yet another clear indication that the government is unfit for office. As the cost of living crisis worsens, Brits are increasingly looking to UK destinations for their summer holidays. But, with raw sewage pouring into the beaches, it is becoming a final straw for many. 

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