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The 1975 Are Back With Folky New Single: Part of the Band

Matt is back with a new sound, new image, and new hairdo!

The 1975 is one of those bands that keeps you guessing. With every release, comes a brand-new concept. And, with the release of the new single, Part of the Band, it seems that the Matt Healy-fronted band has a lot more creative juice left in the tank.

The 1975 new single artwork

Promotional postcards (from Townsquare Media)

Part of the Band is the first single from the forthcoming album, titled, Being Funny in a Foreign Language – the 5th album in the band’s discography. The track is completely different from their previous material (of course) and is actually different from anything else in the charts at the moment. Upon first listen, its sombreness stands out. The lyrics are deep and personal to Matt, who has recently opened up about his mental health struggles. “Am I ironically woke? The butt of my joke? Or I am just some post-coke, average, skinny bloke calling his ego imagination?” Matty sings, accompanied by an eerie sax sound.

Matt recently re-joined Reddit, where he discussed the creative process for the new track. Matt posted, “I love the song and it didn’t have a bridge. So when I opened up for Phoebe I kinda wanted to do that old school Greenwich Village folk scene thing where people used to just play songs that were knocking around by other artists.” He continued, dropping hints about more new music: “The bridge was written by me. And then became ‘Part of the Band’. ‘New York’ will be finished eventually, but is not a song of The 1975.” Healy is known to have a close relationship with his fans; therefore, using Reddit as a direct method of communication.

The new album will be released via Dirty Hit – an independent record label behind some of the best alternative musical talent. The album was reportedly recorded at Real World Studios in Wiltshire England, and also Electric Lady Studios in New York. 11 songs will feature on the new record, which is due to be released on the 14th of October 2022.

Matty from The 1975

Promotional postcards (From Dork Magazine)

Over the past couple of years, Matt has been spending a lot of time working on his mental health. In the previous records, Matt has been open about his struggles with addiction, which soon became a “problem,” after finding fame in the band. “I loved going out on stage and talking to 12,000 people. I didn’t like going back to my hotel room and sitting on my own for another three hours and then being expected to go to bed when I wanted to, I don’t know, change culture or something ridiculously grandiose,” he said, referring to the feelings that led to a stint at a rehab centre in Barbados. “I knew that I wasn’t going to detox myself, so I went away and I got clean. I wasn’t going there to get straight edge, I didn’t have a drinking problem or anything else, I was just chemically dependent on a substance and I didn’t wanna make a record as a fucking junkie. Who wants to hear that?” Healy told DIY Magazine in a candid interview.

The 1975 press image

The 1975 Promotional Photos (Read Dork)

After a few much-needed years away from the spotlight, a refreshed The 1975 are back, and ready to take on the world. “Love you see you really soon,” he teases, on Reddit, referring to the band’s few shows in August, as part of Japan’s Summer Sonic Festival. Despite the time away, their devoted fans have grown larger in number, suggesting that a worldwide tour is likely. Watch this space.

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