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Eurovision: It’s Coming Home? UK’s Entry Second Favourite to Win

Can we break the “Nul Points” Eurovision curse?

It has been years since the UK has had a strong competitor in the Eurovision Song Contest. But miraculously, 2022’s entry looks like it’s in with a chance as bookies have positioned him second favourite to win!

The UK's eurovision Entry

Sam Ryder at the Eurovision Press Conference – from Huffington Post

Sam Ryder found fame in lockdown through Tik Tok. His luscious blonde locks and incredible voice mean he certainly stands out from the crowd. In just a few years, Sam has amassed over 100 million likes on the platform, with videos reaching over 55 million views alone. British fans are hoping that this incredible social media presence will help carry Sam through to victory.

The song, ‘Space Man’, is quite good. It’s an uplifting ballad, using space as a metaphor for feeling lost. Although the lyrics are a bit corny, Sam’s winning charisma and mind-blowing vocals are enough to give viewers a hairs-standing-on-end moment. In an interview with Eurovision World, a well-known fansite, Sam commented on the pressure of representing a country that has performed notoriously bad in recent years, “I am not putting any sort of pressure on my shoulders. I just want to enjoy it and breathe in all the good moments.” He continues, “the main thing that singing and performing does for me is that it brings me joy… Happiness! And if that translates to my people at home then that’s just a blessing and a massive win for me personally.”

Sam’s positivity is infectious. But, can it come across on stage? “I was a fan of the competition before and I’ve been so enthusiastic about it since I was a kid. I used to watch it with my parents growing up and then with my friends and throw Eurovision parties. That was enthusiasm, that was joy, that was happiness! And now I have the opportunity of doing it so why would I let something like fear tarnish and get in the way of something that has already proved to be such an amazing and rewarding experience?”

2009 was our last decent shot at winning. With composition from Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyrics by US songwriting legend, Dianne Warren, the timid Jade Ewen stood a good chance at snatching the prized trophy. But it wasn’t meant to be. Although, the UK did finish in a respectable 5th place, with 173 points.

Eurovision’s favourite this year is Ukraine. Ukraine tends to perform well in each contest due to their winning formula of combining talent with cultural flares. This year, Ukraine has dusted off the same old record, and it’s working. However, Eurovision fans are sceptical. They’re concerned that their position as ‘bookies favourite’, is attributed to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, in which thousands of people have lost their lives.

Although Eurovision producers insist that the contest isn’t political, officials are unable to regulate the individual intentions of each viewer. If people want to vote out of sympathy, they can. Having said that, Ukraine’s act Kalush Orchestra has a great track with an appealing sound.

Ukraine's eurovision Entry

Ukraine’s Eurovision Entry – Eurovision Press Release

Reserve your judgement and tune into a Eurovision show this week. Who knows, you may just find yourself a guilty pleasure.

Tuesday 10 May, 21:00 CEST: Eurovision Song Contest, First Semi-Final

Thursday 12 May, 21:00 CEST: Eurovision Song Contest, Second Semi-Final

Saturday 14 May, 21:00 CEST: Eurovision Song Contest, Grand Final ?

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